A Quick Introduction To The Islands Of Seychelles

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Seychelles have always been in our minds a place for the rich, a holiday to dream about, an unreachable place to discover.  However today I prepared a special series of guides for you, to the wild and affordable Seychelles!

In the next few posts I am going to share with you my experience in this paradise, because Seychelles are so grand and… unique.

Quick Introduction

Seychelles archipelago is located between 4 and 10 degrees South of the Equator on the East coast of Africa.  Its islands, both granitic and coralline, are divided in 2 major groups:

  •  43 “Inner Islands”, located around the 3 main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.  These green, tropical forest covered islands are hilly and mountainous and have fine white sandy beaches, often framed with huge granite boulders.  In other words – the most beautiful beaches in the World.
Anse Source D'Argent in La Digue

Anse Source D’Argent in La Digue

Mahé is the biggest island where 90% of the population lives in one of the smallest capitals of the world – Victoria.

Praslin with its Vallee de Mai and La Digue are the two other biggest and most important islands of Seychelles.

  • 72 coral islands or “Outer Islands” including Amirantes, Aldabra, Farquhar are spread to the South West. These islands are flat and almost at sea level and there are few people inhibiting them.

Seychelles climate is warm and humid all year round, with temperatures around 24° C and 31°C.  The islands are out of the cyclone belt.

South East trade winds blow from May to October which is the Austral Winter.  July and August are the coolest months of the year.  The Austral Summer is from November to April.  This is the warmest and most humid time of the year.  The sea is calm and warm but it’s also the rainy season.

Planning My Trip To The Seychelles: Choosing The Right Hotel

But, regardless the time of the year – the weather in Seychelles is very changeable, and the conditions may vary from island to island.

It is well known that one of the Seychelles main and most popular attributes is island-hopping.  Island-hopping allows visitors to savour the grand diversity of the islands and to see for the themselves how unique each island is.

So what are you waiting for?  Follow me on this unique experience made of worldwide well known beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, amazing and welcoming people, and great food!

I will share with you some information that was once available to only some of the luckiest people.  So today you are the lucky one!

Trust me on this amazing journey!

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