Why Should You Visit Advent in Zagreb?

Why Should You Visit Advent in Zagreb?

Ivan Pavković

Ivan Pavković

Ivan Pavković is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (Croatia).

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Ivan Pavković

Last year’s Advent in Zagreb was selected as one of the top European Christmas fairs.  We’re expecting it to be just as crowded again this year.  The award is well deserved though, as this fun event is simply spectacular.  So if you’re visiting Zagreb around December or January, make sure to stop by this amazing Christmas-spectacular.

For the 5th consecutive year, Advent in Zagreb will open its doors on December 2nd, 2017.  Numerous locals as well as foreign visitors come here to enjoy a tasty meal, good music, as well as to participate in the fun Christmas outings.  In this article I’ll share with you all the cool reasons why you should definitely visit the Advent in Zagreb!

Advent, Zagreb, Croatia - Global StorybookLedeni Park na Tomislavcu (Ice Park on Tomislav’s Square)

What’s the number one reason why you should visit Advent in Zagreb?  Well, how about going for an adventurous and romantic ice-skating, in one of the most beautiful places in Zagreb!  Our amazing ice-skating rink is actually one of Europe’s biggest.  You’ll find it at the King Tomislav Square.  Seniors and youngsters alike will have guaranteed fun once they put on a pair of their skating blades.

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Come and explore this magnificent park, decorated with thousands of lights, delicious gastro stands, and great music.  It’s open every day – from 10am until 11pm during weekdays, plus until 1am on weekends, except for the Christmas Eve.  Skating costs around 20 HRK ($3-4 USD).  It’s truly one of the most magical experiences in Zagreb – so don’t miss out on it!

Ledeni Park na Tomislavcu (Ice Park on Tomislav’s square) Zagreb, Croatia - Global Storybook

The beautiful ice-skating park in the middle of Zagreb. Photo: Loes Kieboom /Shutterstock.com

Advent na Zrinjevcu (Advent in Zrinjevac)

Another reason to visit this year’s Advent in Zagreb – is of course to shop in one of our charming Christmas-themed booths.  Rich gastronomic delights surrounded by idyllic Winter-fairytale settings, accompanied by jolly Christmas songs will please even the most capricious gourmets.  So if you’re ready to try some of the tastiest Croatian specialties, admire the lively Christmas decorations in a happy and joyful atmosphere – Zrinjevac is the right place for you.

Advent na Zrinjevcu, Zagreb, Croatia - Global StorybookFuliranje na Strossmayerovu trgu (Attractions at Strossmayer square)

You’ll find the center stage of this year’s Advent at the Strossmayer Square.  Culture and entertainment go hand in hand here, along with yummy gastronomic offers.  The motto of this year’s Advent is ‘Life is a Circus’ , which means that you can expect all kinds of vibrant colors, rhythms, sounds and smells.  Age doesn’t matter here, since this is the place for everyone!

A number of bands and talented DJs will ensure that sparkling atmosphere pervades the night.  In addition, fantasy characters will entertain the children, while the Circus Gourmet Ring will make sure that no one leaves this place with an empty stomach.

Advent, Zagreb, Croatia - Global StorybookAdvent na glavnom trgu (Advent on the main Square- Jelačić Square)

This is the city’s main square, so you won’t be disappointed with this site.  Stop by the Jelačić Square to enjoy one of its daily entertainment shows.  Concerts, children’s animation plays, as well as special galas in the evening will make your visit a memorable one!

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Magical Christmas plays will be staged around the Eastern part of the square – in front of the Johann Franck café.  Come and experience the true Christmas spirit while taking a walk through the snow-covered pines, drinking the tasty mulled wine, and devouring numerous variations of our juicy sausages.

Advent na glavnom trgu (Advent on the main Square- Jelačić Square) Zagreb, Croatia - Global Storybook

The gorgeous and sparkling Main Square of Zagreb during Christmas time. Photo: Goran Jakus – Shutterstock.com

Advent na Europskom trgu (Advent at the European Square)

Tired of visiting the main squares?  Well there’s just one more.  No visit to Zagreb will be complete without stoping by the European Square, located near the main square.  Here you will be able to try all sorts of fancy wines, taste everything from desserts to main dishes, plus enjoy some fun open-air concerts.  At this square, you’ll also be able to admire all kinds of attractions, exhibitions, decorations, as well as buy some amusing local Christmas souvenirs.  Youth especially love this square for its upbeat music and character.

Advent, Zagreb, Croatia - Global StorybookAdvent u Zoološkom vrtu (Advent in the Zoo)

One of this year’s novelties is the special program, that will be introduced at the Zagreb’s Zoo.  You can attend it starting December 3rd.  The event will consist of numerous educational and entertainment activities, such as feeding camels and sea lions.  You’ll also be able to play with different kinds of animals, and see various theater and music performances.  Plus you can join various art and creative workshops, held in the main building.

Underground path connecting streets decorated as ice cage as part of Advent in Zagreb

Finally, another great reason to visit Advent in Zagreb – the spectacular underground paths decorated as ice cage, which connect some of the city streets.

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Why Should You Visit Advent in Zagreb? - Global Storybook

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