Steve Osborne - The Job

True Tales From The Life Of a New York City Cop

  • Book:  “The Job: True Tales From The Life Of a New York City Cop”
  • Author:  Steve Osborne
  • Publisher:  Anchor Books, 2015

If you ever wondered what a real, day-to-day job of a New York City’s police officer is like then you will be happy to learn about the existence of this book.  It’s author, Steve Osborne, was an actual NYPD officer, later a sergeant and then a lieutenant, who served the city and its people for about 20 years.  But before you jump up to place your order, we must warn you – this book is not for the faintest of hearts.

So what are some of the topics that the book covers?  Murder, rape, street crime, robberies, family disputes, and even the 9/11 are just a few of the events that the NYPD officer Steve Osborne has lived through.  In his long and successful career, which began in the early 1980s, he has seen and done pretty much everything – from arresting some petty thieves and small-time drug dealers at the Washington Square Park, to combating an organized crime network in the Bronx.

The author’s grit and dedication to “The Job” (and you will find out the hidden meaning behind the word) is shining through his every line.  The book is organized into 14 chapters, and each chapter is based on a different event or a series of events that happened in the author’s life – starting with his early years on the job, then progressing to its final chapter – Steve’s last day before his retirement.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself seating on the edge of your seat, while holding your breath and forgetting the World around you, at times.  From the very beginning the author will hold you captive – reading voraciously, laughing hysterically, and well… even possibly crying at some other times.

How to Use the Subway In the New York City

There are not that many jobs in the World, that are as dangerous and often misunderstood, as that of a big city cop.  Especially, the NYPD cop.  As Steve will quickly point out, right on the page 1: “Most civilians get their information about police work from the newspapers, which barely get half the story right, or they get it from television shows that are ninety-nine percent pure, out-of-this-world fantasy”.

Finally, there are some rare books that have a powerful ability to change the way we see others in the World around us, and this is definitely one of those books.  If you do find the guts to read from cover to cover – please tell us in the comments section below – will you ever look at a police officer the same again?  We surely – will not.


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