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Top 5 Things to Do in Lake Louise in the Winter

Kendall O’Geil

Kendall O’Geil

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Kendall O’Geil

A Winter Wonderland can never be more aptly illustrated than the Lake Louise in the snow.  From snowshoeing, skating and sleigh rides to skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing, Lake Louise is anything but sleepy!  In fact, it almost gets more adventurous when the snow falls.  So if you’re planning a getaway in Alberta, pack some extra warm clothes and check out these five amazing things to do in Lake Louise in the Winter.

Visit the Dreamy Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

This stunning hotel looks like it came straight out of a fairytale once the first snowflakes fall.  In fact, Fairmont’s staff transform this place into a truly magical destination each year.  Have a cocktail, hot chocolate, or even mulled wine at their outdoor Ice Bar while you marvel at the giant ice sculptures and an elaborate ice castle that would look right at home in Disney’s Frozen.

One of the best things to do at the Fairmont Lake Louise in the Winter is to rent a pair of skates from Chateau Mountain Sports in the hotel’s lobby and go skating on the frozen lake.  You can bring the family over during the daytime, and skate up until 11:00 pm, breathing in the crisp mountain air under the glistening stars.  Or, you can also relax on a fantasy-like sleigh ride.  Once you’re curled up under a warm blanket in a comfy sleigh, you’ll forget about the cold around you and just enjoy the view as you glide around the lake.

How to Spend a Weekend in the Beautiful Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louis, Alberta, Canada - Global StorybookHike the Backcountry 

Whether you choose snowshoes or crampons, there is much to be explored and seen on the hiking trails surrounding Lake Louise.  Once the pure white snow falls, Lake Louise is a perfect area for snowshoeing.  So grab some shoes and poles and head out into the wild, searching for the animal tracks in the untouched snow, while enjoying the serene beauty of a quiet forest under a blanket of snow.

Another way to check out the frozen wilderness is by hiking.  Put on some ice cleats or crampons onto your shoes and seek out the half-frozen waterfalls at the Johnston Canyon or the trails that surround Lake Louise.  You’ll be amazed at the transformation of your surroundings, and the incredible adaptation of the wilderness, and even yourself.

winter hikingTry Your Hand at Ice Climbing

It’s not often that you would probably get to experience the thrill and wonder of ice climbing.  Hence the Canadian Rockies is a perfect place to try it.  This remarkable activity is operated by Yamnuska, the same folks that host rock climbing tours in the Summer.  They will teach you all the basics, including the safety rules and how to climb these impressive sheets of ice.

They offer full or half-day experiences, and their certified instructors will supply you with all the right gear and coach you all the way up.  Waterfall ice climbing is a truly unique adventure.  Once you get to the top, you’ll see Lake Louise and the surrounding area in a way that many don’t get to in the Winter time: a land of pure white, snow-capped trees, and utter calm from above.

Ice climbing the waterfallSki Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of the most popular ski resort destinations in the Rockies.  Not only is it one of the largest ski resorts in North America, but they have over 145 runs that suit every level, from first-timers to the backcountry adventurers.  Every single lift has a green track back down to the lodge, and there are so many mountains here that you would need a week to ski them all!

An (Almost) Perfect August Weekend in Alberta, Canada

Most ski resorts offer lessons in both skiing and snowboarding, and you can rent quality equipment if you don’t have your own.  Plus, they go beyond skiing and snowboarding now — there’s a new Sunny Tube Park which lets you take a tube ride down the mountain.  You can also head up the gondola for a stunning mountaintop view, dine après ski in their restaurant, or go snowshoeing in the backcountry.  There are limitless winter activity options here, making it a perfect choice for a fun Winter vacation getaway.

Lake Louis in winter, Canada - Global StorybookGo Mushing with the Huskies

Connect with nature and enjoy the countryside of Lake Louise differently — that is, with guides that love the snow almost as much as their dogs!  Ride along with a team of huskies and watch these amazing dogs put their unquenchable energy forward as a squad.  Plus, these lovable, kind dogs will be more than happy to receive pets and treats, and they will return your kindness with a big, sloppy lick.

Kingmik Dog Sled Tours operate directly out of Lake Louise, and they have three different tour options from a short to full-day sledding adventures.  Some of their dogs are rescues, and others are champion athletes who have completed the famed Iditarod.  Chat with your guide, and you’ll learn more about the care of these dogs, their personal experiences, and even learn the basics of guiding and encouraging the gang forward.

husky sledding

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