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5 Most Popular Romanian Superstitions

Lorena Boandă

Lorena Boandă

Lorena Boandă is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (Romania).
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Lorena Boandă

The Romanian superstitions emerged many centuries ago, and came to us from our ancestors.  It was in this way that our forebears tried to explain all the bizarre and strange happenings that took place around them.  When science was not yet widely available – all sorts of unusual explanations were commonly invented.  Some of them are really funny, while others are even scary.  So let’s see what are some of the most popular superstitions that are still commonly present in every Romanian’s thoughts today!

Romanian countryside1. Don’t you dare look in the mirror at night

Yes, that’s true.  This saying came to us from a Slavonian legend and it declared that a mirror is a gateway between our world and the world beyond.  At night, this gate between the two worlds can open and if you peek inside it’s possible that you’ll see what’s going on in the other world, and for that you will be punished.

It is also connected to the custom that when your relative dies – you have to cover all the mirrors in your house.  If you look in the mirror, you might be able to see the dead, and his or her soul may remain locked there for eternity.

2. Never take any garbage out of the house after dark

This ban comes from the belief that when you take out your garbage at night, you throw your luck out of the house as well.  When it comes to protecting our home or our loved ones – we would do anything in our power for their own sake, including preventing them from throwing out trash in the evening.  There’s also a similar superstition related to the cleaning of the carpets outside, after sunset.

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don't take out garbage at night3. Never open an umbrella inside the house

Maybe it sounds weird, but this belief is a serious one.  In the past people were using an umbrella to shield themselves from the sun since it was too bright.  Nowadays, we use an umbrella to protect ourselves from the rain.

The role of an umbrella was more closely related to the symbol of sun, especially due to its circular shape.  Therefore, it is not recommended to open one in the house, which is a sunless place.  It was considered a blasphemy and that it would also bring a bad luck.

don't open umbrella inside the house4. Crying brings good luck on a wedding day

It is believed that those who get married in May will have a short-term marriage.  Well, if love is real – does it truly matter?  Another belief states that both – crying and raining at a wedding will bring good luck.  In addition, for good luck, the groom sometimes stick numerous coins into an apple and then throws it over his head.

On the wedding day, the groom is also expected to step out with his right foot first, when he leaves the house – again, for luck.  The same superstition is actually true in many others countries in the world.  Oh and finally – the bride must wear a veil on her wedding day to protect herself from evil spirits (which makes her not only safe but also makes her looks beautiful).

5. Avoid moving into a new home on a Friday, Saturday, or a rainy day

Under no circumstances should you bring your old broom into your new house.  If you do that, then you might bring the misfortune and disorder from your old house.  If you just made that mistake – throw the broom out of the window quickly (and safely)!

Another belief states that the first visitor who comes to your new place must bring in some bread, salt and money.  These items symbolize prosperity that should descend upon your home.  Also, don’t let any friend give you a set of knives otherwise they will cut off your friendship or even worse – will bring a divorce.  In case it actually happens – give that friend a coin in order to break the curse.

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Finally – one must remember to avoid moving into a new home on a Friday, Saturday, or on a rainy day.  The best day to move is Thursday!

moving to a new homeOf course besides these five popular superstitions, we Romanians, have many more!  Although unfortunately they are disappearing slowly, there is not a single Romanian who doesn’t believe in at least one of them.  These beliefs are a gift left by those who lived in our lands hundreds of years ago.  Hence our cultural and national duty is to preserve these interesting customs for many new generations!

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5 Most Popular Romanian Superstitions - Global Storybook

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