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Top 5 Attractions in Hoi An



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Exploring Hoi An

Vietnam is not just limited to the popular cities of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh alone.  There is so much more to see and discover beyond these famous destinations.  The coastal city of Hoi An is one such quaint little place that you must visit to experience the history and true atmosphere of Vietnam.

Top 5 attractions in Hoi An

1. Tan Ky House: This lovely house stands as a testimony to the ethnic richness of Vietnam.  Preserved for over two centuries, the Tan Ky House tops the list of attractions in Hoi An.

With an open courtyard and intricately designed pillars, this is an unforgettable architectural wonder in Hoi An.  The house is still occupied by a large family who have been living there for many generations.  You will probably run into many of them while on a tour of the house.

2. Fukian Assembly Hall: This is a place of worship that is dedicated to the deity of ThienHau.  The walls of the hall are painted with murals.  The temple stands as a witness to the connection between Vietnam and Fuji.  It is believed that couples who visit this temple and pray for a child will soon be blessed with an offspring.

3. Old Town: You need to buy an entry ticket to visit Old Town but it is definitely worth the money.  The Old Town will transport you to the past and will give you a peek into Vietnam’s deep cultural roots.  Walk around the Old Town and explore it by foot or alternatively, you could also hire a motorcycle and explore the area.

Áo Dài - The Traditional Costume of Vietnam

There are a number of museums in the Old Town which you gain access to when you purchase the entry ticket.  Some of the interesting museums include the Museum of Folk Culture, Museum of Sa Huynh Culture and Museum of Trade Ceramics.

4. TraQueHerb Village: Catch a glimpse of rural Vietnam by going over to the peaceful and serene village of TraQue.  The land in this village is extremely fertile and farmers cultivate crops such as basil, coriander, lettuce etc.  This village offers a remarkable contrast to the bustling city life that you might be used to.  Meet the friendly and helpful locals and indulge in some chit-chat.

5. Night Market: One cannot say that Hoi An has a thriving night life when it comes to discos or nightclubs.  This is a region which quietens down early as people retire to their homes.  But if you are looking to do some shopping in Hoi An, then the Night Market offers you an excellent opportunity.

There are a number of interesting stalls around, from where you can pick up many unique souvenirs.  Pretty gem stone jewellery, beautiful Chinese lanterns, Vietnamese spices and costumes are just few of the goods for sale.

Also, you can indulge in some local cuisine at the night market.  Try some steaming hot pho, dumplings – either steamed or fried, or some Cao Lau, which is a yummy rice noodle based dish.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are also a handful of other nice attractions to visit in and around Hoi An, such as the new scuba diving site around the Cu Lao Cham island or the Kim Bong Carpentry Village.

Hoi An is a relatively inexpensive place to visit.  So if you are a budget traveller backpacking Vietnam then it could be an ideal choice for you to add to your itinerary.  It offers a welcome change to the weary traveller as life unwinds at a relaxed pace in Hoi An.

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