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Summers in New York can be incredibly hot and very humid.  Most of the events will take place outside so it’s important to carry a bottle of water and a sunscreen with you at all times.  There are a number of fun activities that you can participate in – since this is the season of leisure and joy.

New York in SummerAverage temperatures:

  • June: 62-80°F, or 17-27°C
  • July: 67-84°F, or 20-29°C
  • August: 69-82°F, or 20-28°C


  • Independence Day: July 4

Fun Things to Do:

  • Go to the beach – the main one is located on Coney Island in Brooklyn, and it’s called Brighton Beach.
  • Or, enjoy sunbathing at one of the numerous local parks.
  • Organize a picnic on a beautiful lawn in Central or Prospect parks.
  • Or, a barbecue in the small but cozy Manhattan Beach place.
  • Get some thrill in on a rollercoaster in Coney Island or even Six Flags, if you’re not afraid of the heights.
  • Watch the colorful fireworks over the East River on the 4th of July.

Weekend Getaways:

  • Rent a house in Catskills, Long Island, or Vermont to get away from the hustle and bustle of this big city.
  • Drive away to a nicer beach at the Far Rockaway, or to the beautiful Jones beach in Long Island.
  • Taste some wine while enjoying the views in one of the local wineries around New York.
  • Catch a 5-hour bus to Boston and spend the weekend exploring the Beantown.
  • Rent a car and drive all the way to the Canadian border to spend the weekend at the Niagara Falls and the Thousand Islands.
  • Spend one night in Albany, and get to know the real capital of New York.
  • Or, take a bus to the Atlantic City and spend a day gambling away.

NYC SkylineFestivals, Events and Shows:


  • Visit the World Science Festival – a great event filled with interesting workshops, presentations, interviews and much more.
  • Attend the Brooklyn Film Festival to watch the selected independent art films.
  • Celebrate Brooklyn! at the gorgeous Prospect Park at the annual (free) performing arts festival, and a day full of fun is guaranteed.
  • View some great art at the Museum Mile Festival – visit any of the participating museums (Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum, or the Museum of the City of New York, among some others) for free!
  • Watch some classic films at the HBO Bryant Park Film Festival – the lawn opens at 5pm and it’s a free admission.
  • Or, watch some Asian films at the Asian Film Festival – one of the leading cultural events, featuring filmmakers from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and some other countries.



  • Hear some great beats during the Brooklyn Music Festival.
  • Enjoy some classic Jazz at the two-days Jazz Festival.
  • Attend the Brighton Beach Street fair (held on last Sunday in August) for some fun activities and a bite of tasty ethnic Eastern-European food.

Central Park, New York - Global StorybookWalks and Races:

*For the full list of New York Road Runners (NYRR) races (including – 5K and 4M distances) visit:

Coney Island, BrooklynParades:


  • Philippine Independence Day Parade – an annual parade celebrating Filipino American culture (run on Madison Avenue, between 38th and 27th streets).
  • National Puerto Rican Day Parade – a fun parade celebrating Puerto Rican culture, featuring numerous celebrities and officials as guests (run on 5th Avenue, between 44th and 86th streets).
  • Coney Island Mermaid Parade – one of the most beloved parades in the city, run annually in Brooklyn on the Coney Island boardwalk, and where anyone is invited to participate (as long as one has a fun costume to go in).
  • Celebrate Israel Parade – commemorating Israel with celebrity guest appearances, dance, and music performances – this nice parade is held annually in early June. It runs on 5th Avenue, between 57th and 74th streets.
  • Pride Parade – featuring numerous nonprofits, small businesses and activists – this parade is more like a nice civil rights demonstration (run on 5th Avenue, between 36th and Christopher and Greenwich streets).
  • Brooklyn Pride Parade – part of the Pride Week, this event is held in Brooklyn (run on 5th Avenue, between Lincoln Place and 9th street).
  • Queens Pride Parade – second largest pride parade held in Queens, celebrating and promoting the issues of the LGBT community (run on 37th Avenue between 89th and 75th streets).


  • Flower Parade – a beautiful event held in Queens, featuring beautiful flower decorations, live music and dancing, and much more (run on Northern BLVD between 69th and 88th street in Jackson Heights).


  • Dominican Day Parade – celebrating Dominican culture with live music and dance performances (run on 6th Avenue, between 37th and 52nd streets).
  • India Day Parade – an amazing and popular event celebrating Indian culture (run on Madison Avenue between 23rd and 26th streets).

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