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The Spring season in New York brings with it cold temperatures and high winds, up until almost the middle of May. It’s still warmer than Winter, and there are some rare days when it almost feels like the Summer. There are a ton of activities during this wonderful season of renewal and blooming, taking place equally in and out-doors.

Spring in New YorkAverage temperatures:

  • March: 35-48°F, or 1-9°C
  • April: 42-61°F, or 6-16°C
  • May: 54-68°F, or 12-20°C


  • Memorial Day: Last Monday in May

Fun Things to Do:

  • See the gorgeous sakura trees bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. 🌸
  • Re-discover the art at one of the major city museums.
  • Spend the night bar-hopping with your friends during St. Patrick’s or Cinco de Mayo’s cultural events.
  • Explore a new borough – go to the Bronx’s zoo.

Weekend Getaways:

  • Take a 3-hour bus to Washington DC and enjoy thousands of beautiful Sakura flowers during the Cherry Blossom Festival.
  • Spend a weekend in Baltimore, exploring the hidden treasures of the Mobtown.

NYC SpringFestivals, Events and Shows:




NYC Spring timeWalks and Races:

*For the full list of New York Road Runners (NYRR) races (including – 5K and 4M distances) visit:

Greek Festival in NYParades:


  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade (aka the “Day of the Irish”) – held every year on March 17 (or the day before if it falls on a Sunday), this fun event is more than just a parade, it’s a whole tradition (run on 5th Avenue, between 44th and 79th streets).
  • Greek Independence Day Parade – celebrating Greek American culture this parade runs in late March on 5th Avenue, between 64th and 79th streets.


  • Eastern Parade – a fun “dress-up” parade held annually in Central Park on the Easter Sunday.
  • Persian Parade – an awesome parade celebrating Persian culture and its traditions, held annually during Nowruz (the Persian New Year).  It runs on Madison Avenue, between 38th and 27th streets.
  • New York Tartan Day Parade – a small parade held in the honor and celebration of Scottish Americans (runs on 6th Avenue, between 44th and 55th streets).


  • Cinco de Mayo Parade – an amazing parade celebrating Mexico annually, on the 5th of May. Celebrity guest appearances, music, dance, and partying – you will find it all there and more. Runs on Central Park West between 97th and 106th streets.
  • New York Dance Parade – created by a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and inspire dance, this amazing parade, accompanied by a festival, runs from Broadway to Tompkins Square, between 8th and 21st streets.
  • Norwegian-American 17th of May Parade – commemorating the Constitution Day of Norway and its Independence Day, featuring music, dance, Vikings, and some authentic Norwegian costumes – this fun parade runs between 67th and 80th streets, from Third and Fifth Avenues in Brooklyn.
  • Kings County Memorial Day Parade – the oldest Memorial Day parade in the country, the Kings Country parade is held in Brooklyn with thousands of veterans, police and fire department servicemen attending it annually. It starts on 78th street and Third Avenue, and ends at John Paul Jones Park in Brooklyn.

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