Borsch recipe, Ukraine - Global Storybook

Borsch – A Traditional Ukrainian Beetroot ‘Soup’

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If you've ever been in Ukraine before - then you've probably tried this dish.  The Ukrainian Borsch is an undeniable symbol of our country and it is one of the main staple dishes in our national cuisine.  In addition, its ... Read More
Magic Rings with Nuts - Ukrainian Cookie Recipe - Global Storybook

Magic Rings With Nuts – the Ukrainian Cookies

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Did you ever think that nowadays - in the world of complete urbanization and modernity, people have mostly stopped cooking healthy food?  It seems that everyone nowadays just buys and eats the food from supermarkets, not wanting to waste time ... Read More
Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains - Global Storybook

The Different Seasons Of Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains

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The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains (or as Ukrainians call them - the Carpathians, for short) will definitely reward each and every one who comes to visit them - with some stunning views.  The mountains are shrouded with mystery, the beauty of ... Read More
Oleksandr Ponomarev - Just Love (A Tu Prosto Kohai)

Oleksandr Ponomarev – Just Love (A Tu Prosto Kohai)

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Oleksandr Ponomarev is a very talented Ukrainian singer, who has a very beautiful, strong and deep voice. I used to be a huge fan of his when I went to my high school in Boryspil, Ukraine. One of the things that ... Read More
Ukrainian Superstitions

Your Guide to Ukrainian Superstitions

Every World culture has its own set of superstitious beliefs, and Ukraine is no exception.  Growing up in Ukraine, I learned every single one of them, and believe me - there are a lot.  In fact, Ukraine is very rich ... Read More
My Happy Childhood - in My Small, Unhappy World.

My Happy Childhood – in My Small, Unhappy World.

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I never thought that writing about your own life can be so difficult.  You might think that you’ve certainly got all the facts right, and yes you know the story, since umm you’re the lead character in it.  But looking ... Read More
Lviv: Top 5 Sights

Lviv: Top 5 Sights

Lviv (Львів) is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, and it is simply not to be missed.  Much smaller than the capital city of Kiev - it is full of gorgeous architecture, vibrant local life, and a general ... Read More
Kiev (Ukraine): Top 10 Sights

Kiev: The Top 10 Attractions

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe.  Unfortunately, it is not yet a popular tourist destination, and therefore there's not much information about it on the internet.  Below you will find ... Read More
Скрябін - Старі фотографії - Skryabin (Official Video)

Skryabin – Stari Fotografii (Скрябін – Старі фотографії)

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"Skryabin" (Скрябін) is a very popular band in Ukraine, they first appeared on stage in late 1980s and had a continuous success until this day.  In 2015, the lead singer, Andriy Kuzmenko, also known simply as Kuzma (that you will see ... Read More