Karen People, Thailand

The Village of the ‘Long Neck’ Karen Women

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The first time that I heard of 'Karen people' was on a National Geographic's TV show, many years ago.  I remember being fascinated with an image of women with long necks adorned with golden rings.  Since then, I have always ... Read More
bangkok, thailand

Culinary Explorations in Bangkok

Sitting in the waiting room of a clinic, scrolling through my phone and checking on who's pregnant or getting married - when finally my name was called.  During the meeting with my doctor we started to discuss all the great illnesses that ... Read More
patara elephant farm

An Elephant Never Forgets!

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Hello fellow travelers!  Do you like elephants?  Would you like to spend a day with one?  I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand to have this experience and it was incredible! I did a lot of research before visiting Patara Elephant ... Read More
Thai Traffic Jam

Transportation Adventures in Southeast Asia

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Leaving my cozy and comfortable hostel in Bangkok, I embarked on a journey within the city, to traveling to the hotel I booked.  Setting out with most of the staff waving to me and wishing me safe travels, this revelry ... Read More

The Blonde, The Rockstar, and the Vagabond – Or The Traveling Sadist

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What brings men the desire to travel?  What is this primal instinct that pushes people to explore and seek adventure in the far corners of the planet?  That dear reader is wanderlust in a nut shell. After kissing my girlfriend ... Read More
Deluxe Room Bossohotel

Hotel Review: Bossotel Bangkok

I have selected the Bossotel Bankok after reading numerous reviews of other hotels and I was really satisfied with my choice. It is located near Silom Road: 2 steps away from the famous Sky Bar of Lebeua Hotel and the no less ... Read More
Koh Similan Panorama

Similan Islands: A Paradise Awaiting You!

Similan Islands are located just 84 km from the crowded island of Phuket.  Today there are eleven islands that are part of the Similan Archipelago. Koh Similan is one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea.  It's because of ... Read More
Elephant wrapping her trunk over my head to get treats.

Thailand: Elephant Play in a Responsible Way

“Whenever elephants met men, elephants fared badly…in India and southern Asia, elephants became the mounts of kings; tanks against forts, prisoners' executioners, and pincushions of arrows, driven mad in battle; elephants became logging trucks and bulldozers, and, as with other ... Read More
Phuket, Thailand - Global Storybook

Phuket in the Low Season

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Phuket is a beautiful place, and it is one of the most famous and popular touristic destinations in Thailand.  Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, this island has a lot to offer - nature, mountains, clear turquoise water, white sand beaches, great food, ... Read More