Sri Lanka - The Top 5 Beaches - Global Storybook

Sri Lanka: The Top 5 Beaches

Sri Lanka is commonly referred to by the locals as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.  Although it's a tiny island, with a total coastline length of 1340km, Sri Lanka certainly doesn't have a lack in the number of stunning ... Read More
Sri Lankan Pol Roti – A Traditional Food Recipe - Global Storybook

Pol Roti – A Traditional Sri Lankan Recipe

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Sri Lanka is a tropical island with plenty of coconut groves, and hence why our people use coconut in many forms in our day to day cooking.  Normally, our dishes are graced with freshly grated coconut, some coconut milk and the ... Read More
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya – Visiting The Lion Mountain

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Hello fellow travelers! Do you remember hearing about Ceylon in your history class?  Well Ceylon today is called Sri Lanka, and it's a beautiful country with a lot to discover.  I was there just a few months ago and I loved it! There ... Read More
The Seasons of Trouble - Life Amid The Ruins of Sri Lanka’s Civil War

The Seasons of Trouble – Sri Lanka’s Civil War

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Book:  “The Seasons of Trouble: Life Amid The Ruins of Sri Lanka's Civil War” Author:  Rohini Mohan Publisher:  Verso, 2014 For the past three decades, Si Lanka had been entangled in a brutal civil war that was estimated to claim ... Read More