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10 Best Cities to Visit in Lithuania

Lithuania is a lively, rapidly growing country, which has experienced a number of cultural and economic changes since becoming independent from the Soviet Union in 1990.  Visit Lithuania and you will find a vibrant social life in Vilnius - its ... Read More
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10 Interesting Facts About Lithuania

Do you wish to visit an exotic country, one where you have never been before?  Do you want to explore and learn more about the European culture? If so, let me introduce you to a beautiful country called Lithuania!  It's ... Read More
Lithuanian garlic bread

Lithuanian Garlic Bread Recipe

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Recipe's Ingredients: ½-1 loaf of bread (for a classic recipe - rye bread is preferable. But any other kind should work well too, as long as it does not crumble easily). 1-2  slices of garlic. salt. Recipe's Instructions: Cut the bread into ... Read More