This is London by Ben Judah

This Is London: Life and Death in the World City

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Book:  “This Is London” Author:  Ben Judah Publisher:  Picador, 2016 What is London?  Or to be even more precise - what is modern London?  We know the main sights - Big Ben, London Bridge and the London Eye.  But what about the people? ... Read More
Making it to the top

Above the Clouds – Summiting the Helvellyn

The Lake District, a region located in the north of England, is home to some of the highest peaks in Britain.  This beautiful part of England is truly a hiker’s paradise. Towards the end of Autumn, hikes become difficult because of ... Read More
Astor Hyde Park London

Hostel Review: Astor Hyde Park in London

London is a world famous city like New York, Paris, Rome, Istanbul or Tokyo.  England became my 33rd country and London my 300th something urban jungle.  When visiting a city you also have to consider where you will sleep and ... Read More
London in January

London in January

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January, 2016 If you ever wondered what London looks like in January, in the deep middle of a Winter season... Beautiful St James Park One of the most popular and ubiquitous sightseeings in London - the famous red phone booths ... Read More