Swiss Watching Diccon Bewes

Swiss Watching: Inside The Land Of Milk And Money

  • Book:  “Swiss Watching: Inside The Land Of Milk And Money”
  • Author:  Diccon Bewes
  • Publisher:  Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2010

What makes up a Swiss identity? What makes the Swiss tick? Who are the people that populate this beautiful, peaceful, and rich country that is called Switzerland?

Whether you have been to Switzerland or not, you might have a thing or two in mind that is associated with this gorgeous country by default.  It might be the banks, the cheese, the chocolate, the famous Swiss watches, the jewelry, the Alps, or the mountains in general, the trains, or even its crystal-clear green and blue lakes.  Whatever it is, we all just might agree that Switzerland has quite a few things attached to it, which make this country stand out among all the others.

So what will you learn from this volume?  You will learn about Swiss politics (in a very light and entertaining way), you will learn about Swiss people, their languages and different identities, depending on the region in which they live, you will also gain more insight into what stands behind all these various stereotypes, and how did they come about.  And finally, you will find out about an interesting story behind one little girl who is Swiss’ national icon.  Her name is Heidi.  And she comes from a beautiful village, which is on the border with Liechtenstein and Austria.

The author of this book, Diccon Bewes, who is originally from England, has moved to Switzerland for work many years ago and is therefore in a good position to observe this country with a pair of fresh and unbiased eyes.  His writing style comes with humor, and his experience of this land is full of amazing insight.  This book will have you turn its pages quickly, and make up for one very interesting companion on your train ride.

Switzerland - Global Storybook

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