Stuff Parisians Like by Olivier Magny

Stuff (Real) Parisians Like

  • Book:  “Stuff Parisians Like”
  • Author:  Olivier Magny
  • Publisher:  The Berkley Publishing Group, Penguin, 2011

So, do you want to know what the real Parisians are like?  Behind the glamorized, picture perfect myth invented by a skillful PR machine and a handful of ingenious Parisians?  Then, look no further than into this book.

Written by a true Parisian guy, Olivier Magny, this absorbing, humorous and lighthearted book uncovers the common misconceptions and fantasies surrounding the image of Parisians.  

Parisians are fascinating people.  They really love to think that they’re cool, and that there’s no one cooler than them, ever was or ever will be.  On top of that, they made the World fall into this hyperbole, following their every breath, and that alone is an outstanding achievement.  But are they really as cool as they would like everyone to believe, or is there more to the story?

Besides dispelling some of the most amusing fictions, the book provides a deeper level of insight into the Parisian psych.  You will walk away with a much richer understanding on what goes on behind that très chic mask.

“The primary goal of the annual week au ski is to develop the best facial tan lines.  Facial tan lines are a strong yet modest statement that, yes, you went skiing and that, yes, the weather was splendid, thank you.  For that matter, the odds of finding Parisians on the slopes are low compared to those of spotting some sunbathing on the terraces of the restaurants d’altitude sipping on some vin chaud.  First things first.  Parisians know how to stick to their primary objectives.  Whatever it takes.” (p. 126)

P.S. Despite the naked reality of things – we still love them, don’t we?

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