Planning My Trip To The Seychelles: Choosing The Right Hotel

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So, let’s continue our journey finding out how I planned my trip to the Seychelles!

Mahé is Seychelles’s main island and is home to one of the smallest capitals in the world – Victoria.  It is the main point of touristic infrastructure and it is where Seychelles’ international airport is located.  With its lively harbor, this is the main commercial point in Seychelles.

Mahé is the largest island of Seychelles, covering almost 60 square miles, it is also home to the 90% of the population, which originated mainly in Africa, India, China and Europe.

Since I had 8 nights to spend in this paradise, following my mother’s suggestions, because she visited the islands quite a long time in the past, I decided to be based in Mahé for the entire week and make daily excursions to La Digue and Praslin.  I made this decision so that I could enjoy Mahé island better, which is sometimes left behind by the tourists, who prefer to go to the most common attractions in Praslin or La Digue.

I travelled last month, in March, which is one of the best periods of the year to visit Seychelles.  Warm and sunny weather, hot water and calm sea… what could be better?

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay & Casino Beach

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay & Casino Beach

How To Choose The Right Hotel

Here comes the hardest choice!  Seychelles are known to be an expensive site and this is very true.  Lots of beautiful 5-star luxury resorts can be found all around the island, located right on the beach front.  Those can be rather expensive, like more that 500€ per night for a double room, which includes… room only.

However, Seychelles are also famous for their so called “self-catering accommodations”.  These are normally homes of locals who rent their rooms along with the use of a kitchen.   “Self-catering” homes are often located on top of a hill, on just about a 5-10 minutes walking distance from a beach or right in front of one.  They have an average cost of 100€ per night, for a double room, with breakfast and the use of a kitchen (as mentioned above).

Planning My Trip to the Seychelles: Exploring Mahé on a Budget

Choosing a self-catering option most of the time might also prompt you to rent a car in order to reach the numerous beaches around the island.

Initially I was planning to go with this second choice but the thought of going to a supermarket, and cooking for myself everyday, on my 8 days of vacation… no way!

And it was actually the right choice because even supermarkets are rather expensive if you think of eating like you would in your own home-country.  For example, a pack of Italian Pasta cost 6€ and Prosciutto di Parma 10€ for 100 grams.  Crazy!

seychellesSo if you are considering the self-catering option – my suggestion would be to bring some pasta and tomato soup in your check-in luggage, just in case!

But, let’s go back to my selection.

First of all, always following my mum’s suggestion, I decided to spend my week based in Beau Vallon.

Beau Vallon is on of the biggest and most famous beaches of Mahé and it is the most “equipped” village of the island after Victoria, the capital.

Do not imagine a big village, since Beau Vallon consists of just a few streets, where there are 2 supermarkets, 1 pharmacy, a bank, a police station, some local shops here and there, and some restaurants, located mainly along the beach.

While exploring the island you will realize that Beau Vallon is the right place, especially if you love the nightlife – going out in the evenings; having a dinner, with a much wider choice of places to eat from; doing a night walk on the beach, and enjoying a weekly night market, which takes place every Wednesday.

As to the self-catering options in Beau Vallon – they are located on a 5-10 minutes walking distance from the beach, which could be fine, but considering that streets in Mahé are without pedestrian sides and with no lights at all – this could be a bit dangerous at night time, when you are going back “home”, trust me!

seychellesSo, after lots of research, prices comparison, and after reading a ton of reviews online, my choice went for the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay & Casino.

La Digue: What To Do in One Day

This 3-star resort is located right on the Beau Vallon Beach, the same beach where there are also some 5-star hotels are located – therefore it’s in the same area but with the most “affordable” price if you think that I paid 135$ per night (American Dollars) for a Double Room with breakfast included…  And, let me also add that with an excellent buffet breakfast – with everything included, from noodles to tropical fruit.  All this for only about 47€, per person, per day!

The hotel is a bit “old school” compared to some other resorts that you can spot while walking on the beach, but it is clean, rooms are big and wide, and are equipped with all the necessary things to enjoy during one’s holiday.  Service is also very good and the staff are very kind and are available to help you at any time.

There is a wide selection of restaurants in the hotel, where you can eat out during the day – from a pizzeria to an Indian restaurant, or a Chinese one together with a Buffet restaurant, where every night they offer a “theme buffet”.

Two bars are located close to a swimming pool where there is also a green area for kids to run around.

Boutiques, to buy some souvenirs in, are located in the lobby, along with some travel desks of the major tour operators of Seychelles, so you could easily organise your excursions around the islands.

The hotel also offers a free daily shuttle to Victoria, the capital, which is a very useful service!

Personally, this was an excellent choice to enjoy Beau Vallon Beach, without renouncing the comforts of a traditional resort.

Continue here to my next post: Exploring Victoria and the Amazing Beaches of Mahè

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