Piódâo – Portugal’s Most Beautiful Village

Ana Barreto

Ana Barreto

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Ana Barreto

Hello fellow travelers!

Let me introduce you to the beautiful village of Piódão, located in my country, Portugal.  Piódão is right in the center of Portugal, only a few kilometers from Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

Getting there is not easy.  The road is narrow and curvy, but once you arrive you will realize that the time and effort spent is well worth it.

Classified as a Historical Village of Portugal, that belongs to the municipality of Arganil and situated on the slope of the Serra do Açor, Piódão was depending on the agriculture for many years.

The relative distance of the village created a distinct community with a strong attitude of self-sustainability.  However, a massive wave of emigration left the village in crisis and agriculture almost disappeared.

piodão, portugal

piodãoAt the end of the twentieth century, Piódão was raised from the ashes by tourism, yet it still retains its character and spirit.

A Walk Through History

A visit to Piódão is a walk through history.  The village transports us to a time when things were simpler and calmer.  Most of the houses in Piódão were preserved in exactly the same way they were built centuries ago.  Stone floors, shale walls and wooden beams.

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In its small museum we can learn about the customs, traditions and way of life of its inhabitants.  We can also savor local products such as honey and liqueurs and enjoy and buy their handmade products.

Everywhere in the village you can find streams running, and even when we can not see them, the relaxing sound of water is always present.

There is also a beautiful beach by a river in Piodão, with ice cold water.

Piódão is affectionately known as the “crib village” and it is easy to see why.  The beautiful houses of schist and slate gracefully descending the slope of the mountain form an amphitheater in the steep Açor Mountain that resembles a Christmas crib.

When the sun sets over this beautiful location, and the lights are turned on, the illusion is even more perfect!


piodãoIn Piódão you can take several walking routes.  One of them takes you to Foz d’Égua an incredible place where the rivers of Chãs d`Egua and Piódão come together.  The place is very scenic with its two stone bridges, terraced shale houses, a river beach, a Sanctuary on top, and a huge suspended wooden bridge.

Piódão is truly one of the most extraordinary places to visit in Portugal – full of history, culture and beauty.

GPS coordinates for Piódão:
N 40 ° 13’48.22 ”
W 7 49’27.38



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