What To Pack to the Arctic Circle

What to Pack For the Arctic Circle

Daria Silter

Daria Silter

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Daria Silter

A few months ago, as my very first trip to the Arctic Circle in the Finnish Lapland was drawing closer, I slowly began panicking.  What do I pack for the Arctic Circle?  A sweater? (Yes).  A pair of jeans? (No).  A pair of boots – yes, but which kind?

After spending countless hours browsing the internet for information, followed by some shopping on Amazon.com, I was ready.  And off I went to a beautiful little town called Rovaniemi – Santa Claus’s homeland, where Winters usually last for six months in a row, with the average temperature around -14C.  But, I had great fun there, since I didn’t have any issues with the cold.

Below I have prepared my personal packing guide for the Arctic Circle – to save you the time, and to fully prepare you for one unforgettable, though somewhat cold, trip.  Are you ready to go?

What to Pack For the Arctic Circle?

For a one-week itinerary, you will need the following items:

The Basics:

  • Warm underwear, including at least one pair of long, thermal underpants
  • A combination of 2-3 long and short sleeve t-shirts
  • 2-3 wool and/or cashmere turtleneck sweaters
  • 3-4 pairs of wool socks
  • A fleece pajama and/or lounge pants (for indoors)

The Essentials:

  • A pair of waterproof and insulated ski gloves
  • A pair of omni-heat, waterproof, snow boots
  • A pair of thick, waterproof, insulated ski-pants or a bib (overalls)
  • An extra-warm wool or a cashmere scarf
  • A warm hat (preferably one with earflaps and a chin strap)
  • An insulated, waterproof winter coat
  • A chapstick (to protect your lips from the cold)
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The Extra:

  • A spare rechargeable battery for your camera (batteries die much faster in cold temperatures)
  • A small backpack (to keep your hands free)
  • Sunglasses
  • A flashlight (in case you will want to go hunting for the Northern Lights)
  • A swimsuit (for any hot-tube and/or sauna related activities)

Pack for Arctic Circle

Please note that you should try to avoid anything cotton (especially when it comes to underwear and t-shirts) since this material does not handle moisture and perspiration well.  Also, please stay away from jeans – this is not a suitable fabric for sub-Arctic temperatures.

And finally, do not be afraid of the cold, though once you step into this beautiful scenery around you, you will quickly forget all about the fears and concerns that you’ve once had.  So pack smart.  Stay warm.  And enjoy it – to the fullest!

Finland Arctic Circle

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What to Pack to the Arctic Circle

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