All you need to be impossibly French by Helena Powell

All You Need to Be Impossibly French

Daria Silter

Daria Silter

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Daria Silter
  • Book:  “All You Need to Be Impossibly French”
  • Author:  Helena Frith Powell
  • Publisher:  Plume, Penguin Group, 2006

Known as some of the most elegant, glamorous and intelligent women in the World, French are the whole package.  But what is it about their appeal?  Do they possess any special qualities that the rest of us lack?  Do they know something that we don’t?  Or maybe there are some secret shops in Paris where all the French buy their clothes, that only they are aware of?

This slim but charming volume by a British author, Helena F. Powell, was written specifically to address all these questions above, and more.

Since Ms. Powell was a young girl, she was fascinated with the French, their sense of style, attitude and conduct.  Once the author grew up and got married, she moved to France where she finally had an opportunity to pursue her research on this topic, and even publish a whole book on it.

So what can we take away from the author’s investigation?  Well there are a number of good things:

  • French women do not spend hours in a gym, they prefer to walk everywhere.  And when they are presented with a choice between taking an elevator or the stairs – they always choose the latter.
  • To feel glamorous and sexy, the French always start with… an underwear.  They select theirs carefully, spend a ton of money on it, but most importantly – it must be a matching pair! 👙
  • It’s a well-know fact that the French would rather be caught dead, than wearing a pair of sneakers.  When the author finally meets one chic Parisian who has broken this unwritten rule, she learns that… well, you have to read the book.
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There are other important topics – such as: why do French have to dress nicely all the time, why they cannot just have a “bad hair day”, and why is it important for them to be well-read and intelligent (oh, and to have a lover).

In addition, the writer examines the lives and lessons of some of the most famous French icons –  Françoise Sagan, George Sand, Simone de Beauvoir, to gain a deeper insight into the French psych.

So if you were looking for a book to help you understand the French appeal a bit better – here’s a good one!


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