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Hi, or Annyoung (in Korean)!  I’m Youngjun (you can call me Eric as well), 24 years old college student from South Korea, and it’s always been a pleasure to share some of my travel stories with others.

I was born in Seoul.  Never would have I thought that I would actually end up studying abroad – in the Philippines and the United States.

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  • Name:  Youngjun (Eric) Jang
  • Age Group:  21-25
  • Country: South Korea
  • Hometown:  Seoul, South Korea
  • Current Location:  Connecticut, United States

At first, I went to the Philippines to learn english just for a Summer, and instantly fell in love with the weather, living in a tropical vacation place from 2005~2008.  After coming back to Korea, I had no intention to study abroad once again.  But my brother insisted on studying in Canada.  During 2007, a lot of Koreans started immigrating to either Toronto or Vancouver.  However, my parents sent us to Florida for better opportunities, since they believed that United States provides better education and environment.

So after spending 1 year in Florida, I have relocated to New Jersey, due to its closer distance to the New York City, my childhood dream city.  At this moment, I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in finance.  So all in all, I have studied in U.S. from 2008~2014.

Since I was a child I’ve always wanted to see bigger pictures around the world, and I think that my parents had a great influence on my personality.  They have travelled around 37 countries on their vacations ever since they got married.

Also every healthy man in Korea, has to do 21 months of military service.  So I have done my military service starting from 2014 August ~ 2016 May.  I could tell everyone that I had an extraordinary experience by staying near from Demilitarized Zone, surviving through a severe winter from October to April.  Definitely one of the places that I would suggest people to visit when they are travelling in Korea.


I am a very active person with a lot of curiosity.  During my spare time, I do weight training, read books, travel, spend time with my friends, and play soccer.

So far I have traveled to 25 countries over U.S., Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.  Now only South America is remaining on my travel map, and in future, I am planning to learn Spanish again in Argentina, where I always wanted to live.

As a member of Global Storybook, I would like to share my travel experiences, and willing to answer any kind of questions that you might have about travels and so on.  There was one inspirational quote in a magazine, that I found on my way to Stockholm: “One’s destination is never place, but a new way of seeing things”.

En primer lugar, os mando un abrazo muy fuerte desde estas tierras extremeñas de Estado Unidos!