Sara Provenzano - Global Storybook
Hi, my name is Sara.  I am Italian and I am 36 years old, born and raised in Rome with a diploma in Tourism and a degree in Communications.  I am currently based in Florence since of last year due to my job.  I work for what is for me (and maybe for the rest of the World) probably the best Hotel Chain in the World.

  • Name:  Sara Provenzano
  • Age:  36
  • Country:  Italy
  • Hometown:  Rome
  • Current City:  Florence

I have worked for the hotel industry since I was 19 years old; for the first 3 years traveling around the world working in some beautiful resorts in the Caribbean, Maldives, Mauritius, Italy as a sales / tour leader and then at the age of 22 in the luxury hotel industry in Rome, and currently in Florence.

Travel is in my blood since I was 4 years old when I took my first flight!  I will always be the girl with a suite-case when I have a chance.  I think that money spent on traveling and food is the best as it feeds our souls!

So far I have visited 34 countries and 238 places (according to TripAdvisor), and I will not stop traveling as long as I have a chance to do it!

I am also a Food Lover (with a Capital F and L ;-)), and photography is my passion!

I love reading too, especially the crime and nonfiction stories.

As someone said: “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey“, and I hope that you will enjoy this one!