Lorena BoandăHello! / Bună!

My name is Lorena, I’m 22 years old and I’m a Romanian Law student.

I’m a morning person and a coffee lover.  I love mornings because they give you the feeling that you can accomplish everything you want in that day, and I like coffee because it flows through your veins and it automatically puts a smile on your face.  It makes me know for sure that day will be an excellent one.

I LOVE nights on the beach.  Nothing compares to the moment you sit on the cold sand and look at the dark sea.  You hear the sound of waves and you feel surrounded by something much bigger than you.  It’s scary, yet addictive.

Lorena BoandăEven if my taste in music depends on my mood, my favorite song is Poets of the Fall – Temple of Thought (Unplugged Studio Live).  I just can’t get enough of it.  I’m a scorpion, I like things that are not like all the others.

Lorena BoandăI really like to travel, I still haven’t been able to get through all the places I want, because of my finances and also because of the short time I have as a law student.  Perhaps, soon, this won’t be a problem anymore.  So far, I have visited 6 countries and I can say that two cities have marked me the most: Paris and Barcelona.

I was in Paris when I was 18 years old and I can say those were the fullest days of my life, and that’s because I wanted to. I slept very little and felt guilty to rest, knowing that at that moment I could explore the city. I walked miles on foot and it was the first time I actually found out what I’ve always wanted to do.  To travel.  I tried to visit all the possible places.  I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t thirsty.  I was in love.  With a city.

Lorena Boandă

Barcelona, Spain

Lorena BoandăAs far as Barcelona is concerned, I can say that this is the city where I found myself, and I knew I had to go back there.  Maybe just to visit it again, maybe to move there.  I REALLY wanted to live there.  Besides the beauty of the city that actually hypnotized me – in Barcelona I found a lot of peace.  The positive energy just floated in the air.  I didn’t fall in love with this city: I just went there and realized that I already loved it very much.  Maybe I fell in love with it in a previous life, because I sure felt like home.

I really hope to meet many other places that will leave me breathless.

I’m working in the field of copywriting from 2013, and it has become a passion I hope to develop more and more in the future.  I just LOVE what I do!  And when you combine writing with traveling…  Well…  You get a masterpiece.

I was excited when Daria contacted me.  I am very pleased to be part of the Global Storybook’s team and I am looking forward to building something beautiful together. 😊

Lorena BoandăLove,


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