Danguolė VeličkaitėHi there!/ Labas!

My name is Danguolė, my friends call me Dangė (pronounced as written, and it is not related to an English word “danger” ☺ ).  I am also Dana at work.

I was born in Lithuania and I am currently working and living there.  I have a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management, and I am currently pursuing a second one in physiotherapy.  I have worked as a travel manager for awhile and it was fun.

  • Name:  Danguolė Veličkaitė
  • Country: Lithuania
  • Hometown:  Kaunas
  • Current City:  Kaunas

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Currently my daily job requires me to communicate with people living in the U.S.  It involves documentation of their emergency room visits, as well as their feedback on the quality of services that were provided to them.  This role entails one to be a nice and patient person with excellent communication and good listening skills.  Thank God that I am such a person!

My hobbies include playing music (I am a bassist in a local band), reading books, painting, watching movies, traveling and experiencing new cultures.  I‘ve been to 14 European countries and am looking forward to visiting more of this World!

I am very excited for this opportunity to express my creative skills while writing about my wonderful country – Lithuania.  As any Lithuanian, I love my country and its natural beauty.

I am warmly welcoming you to visit Lithuania and experience it yourself, to the fullest!

See you there!/ Iki pasimatymo! 😉