Caroline Rangel

Hi, I’m Caroline, Brazilian, and I live in São Paulo.  I am curious, compulsive reader and passionate about traveling, photography and ice cream.  I’m an economist during the week, travel writer on my free time and a traveller whenever I can.

I started getting interested in travel when I was a teenager, but back then I didn’t have much money to spend on it.  So I went to a library one day, and it all started with a book.  And since then, I’ve been to so many places just by reading about them, their history, and traditions… I was traveling through those stories and words.

  • Name:  Caroline Rangel
  • Age Group:  26-30
  • Country: Brazil
  • Hometown:  São Paulo
  • Current City:  São Paulo

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After finishing my university, I got a job at an airline company and the budget problem was solved, however this time – I didn’t have that much time!

I’ve never had a flexible lifestyle, so I spent all my vacations, holidays and days off exploring new destinations.

I’ve always felt that I should start traveling through my home country before going abroad, to learn more and to get some perspective. But Brazil is too big, I’ve traveled north and south, east and west and there are so many places that I still haven’t seen.

So after a good dose of Brazil I packed up to Argentina and Chile.  Later came France, Italy, Spain and I couldn’t stop anymore.  The travel bug had bit me!

I’ve been to 13 countries so far, but it’s not about collecting places or stamps in my passport.

For me traveling is about getting to know new cultures, taste different food and understand different lifestyles.

Every new adventure enriches me, connects me with myself and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to go to such wonderful places (and not so ‘wonderful’ as well).

I really like the idea that I’ll have a lot of cool stories to tell my grandchildren someday!

But since that will take a (really, really long) time – for now, I hope to inspire you by sharing a bit of my experience and adventures!

All the Best,