Ana BarretoLatest Posts - Global StorybookHi! I’m Ana, also known as Travellight, I’m Portuguese and I’m 42 years old.

I have a degree in Law and I have been working as a Human Resources Manager for the past 15 years.

I’m the daughter of an Indian father and a European mother and my great-grandmother was from Macau, China.  I was born in Angola and raised in Portugal, so I always felt like I was a  true citizen of the world and the curiosity to explore it begun very early in my life.

Ana BarretoThe first time I stepped on a plane I was only one year old, and I was with my parents who were escaping from Angola’s Civil War.  Obviously I have no recollection of that day but by age twelve I did my first trip outside of Portugal and I was hooked!  I never stopped again.

So far I’ve been to 66 countries and visited countless cities and locations.

I travel because it allows me to connect with my history, my cultural heritage, and helps me on my personal development.  I learn something new on each trip.  It’s the best education you can have.  Plus it’s fun!

I don’t have any favorite kind of travel destination, I like everything: city, beach, natural parks, jungle, desert, mountain… you name it, I’ve done it, or I am dreaming of doing it 🙂

Ana BarretoWhen I’m not traveling I’m planning my next trip, I’m reading about locations, about experiences, about the people that live there.

Ana BarretoI love the smells, colors and tastes of a new place –  it makes me happy, it makes me feel alive!

Only recently have I started to write about my journeys on my Portuguese Blog and I can say it’s been a real pleasure to share my adventures with others and receive their feedback.

I’m honored to be a member of Global Storybook and I hope you have fun reading about my travels and about my country, Portugal, in this wonderful website.


Ana Barreto