A Visit to The Magical Pena Palace in Sintra

Ana Barreto

Ana Barreto

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Ana Barreto

Hello fellow travelers!

In Sintra, a small town in Portugal, there is a magical palace called Pena Palace.

SintraIf ever there was a palace that belonged inside a fairytale then this is definitely the one!

SintraThe palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

The Park and Palace of Pena are the fruit of King Ferdinand II’s creative genius and the greatest expression of 19th-century romanticism in Portugal, denoting clear influences from the Manueline and Moorish styles of architecture.

Pena was built in such a way as to be visible from any point in the park, which consists of a forest and luxuriant gardens with over five hundred different species of trees originating from the four corners of the planet Earth.

SintraKing Fernando’s ambition to turn the place into a magnificent Summer retreat was successfully achieved.

He also had a very artistic soul so the Palace is an extravagant mixture of vivid colours and fine stone carvings.

Today the Palace continues to wow it’s visitors with its “Disney look” and its well preserved interiors.  The Palace interior has been retained to how it was when the monarchy fled Portugal in 1910 and is just as interesting as the exterior.

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As you walk thru the Palace rooms you can have a good idea of how the Portuguese Family lived in past times.

The Pena Park Sintra

The Pena Park contains over 200 hectares of forested walkways and hidden paths that surround the Pena Palace.

The grounds were designed tastefully in keeping with the natural scenery of the region, but skillfully incorporating over 2,000 varieties of plants, some of which are non-native species.

SintraHiking Trails Through The Pena Park

An enjoyable hike is to the Cruz Alta (530m), the highest point in the Serra de Sintra, since this vantage point provides wonderful views over the Pena Palace.  The walk takes approximately 30 minutes from the terraces of the Pena Palace and has signs along the way.  Shorter walks lead to the statue of King Fernando, which can be seen from the palace or down to the lakes.

SintraSintraHow To Get There:

Sintra is connected to Lisbon by an inexpensive train service that departs from Rossio train station in central Baixa.  There is a departure every 30 minutes and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

Bus nr. 434 then connects Sintra train station to the town centre and the Pena Palace.

All the beautiful photos were taken by my dear friend Adriana Silva.

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