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Caroline Rangel

Caroline Rangel

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Caroline Rangel

When it comes to music, Brazil has many regional rhythms, from frevo to forró, from samba to funk, from sertanejo to MPB and the list goes on.

I decided to write about two incredible singers that I adore: Maria Rita and Elis Regina. It’s difficult to classify this post in just one music style, so I’ll highlight three: Samba, MPB and Bossa Nova.

Maria Rita is the daughter of the late Brazilian singing legend Elis Regina.

Regina died tragically, while Maria Rita was just a little girl. You have to understand that Elis was not only one of the greatest singers of Brazil. She was also beautiful, smart, intelligent. She was really involved in all kinds of social and political issues. She was ahead of her time, one of those strong women who are so mind-blowing.

Maria Rita always resisted the pressure and her own wishes to become a singer. The memory of her mother was just too painful.

But then she decided it was time, and she exploded into the music scene. She released her first album in 2003, since then she won seven Latin Grammys.

During her career, Maria Rita always refused to sing her mother’s repertoire. But time passed (time heals everything!) and Maria Rita was ready to pay a tribute to her mother. It was the most beautiful and touching performances of her career.

Enough of writing! Here is one video of Elis and another of her daughter Maria Rita.

Escadaria Selarón - Awesome Steps in Rio de Janeiro
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