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A week before my birthday, I decided to use my 3 months savings (and the only savings) to gift myself a birthday trip to Boracay island (one of the hottest destinations since 70’s) in the Philippines.  I was at my ‘after college’ stage or YOLO stage of my life.  I convinced 2 other friends as well to go with me.

Somehow, we struggled and managed to get cheap tickets, accommodations, visa processes and most importantly our swimsuits (because most Indians do not swim – we don’t see worth in buying it).  We boarded a plane from Hong Kong to Manila to Kalibo, followed by 1 hour road-trip to our final destination.

Everything was going smooth.  We checked into a house cum hotel.  We got a very warm welcome by the hosts as well as the guests that were staying there.  It was evening and we were hungry and because my other friends were vegetarian, we found pizza as the best option to eat (for next 2 days at least).

  • Name:  Deepvansh
  • Age Group:  21-25
  • Hometown:  Chandigarh
  • Home Country:  India

Travel Destination

  • Country:  Philippines
  • City:  Boracay
  • Travel Duration:  3 days
  • Travel Type:  Anniversary
Deepvansh - Global Storybook

Me happy with a hangover

Beach area has a market which gets lively after 6 pm.  We were already late, so we preferred to eat pizza at that area.  Plus our youth made us crave for something more than food.  Yes! drinks!!  We found a small mart and got loads of beers for 2 people (third one is the one who doesn’t drink alcohol).  We saw some fire shows, food shows, sat on the beach, finished our drinks and started craving for something else.  Dance it was!  We hopped at some clubs, danced like crazy, made many Filipino friends and danced together with them.

Us with a fake laugh to click a natural pic. :)

Us with a fake laugh to click a natural pic. 🙂

Boracay’s economy only runs at tourism, hence you will see various kinds of foods, fine dining etc.  On the flipside, you will experience small kids and people begging, etc.  But one thing you will always notice in this country – no matter, whatever situation the people are facing, you will always see them happy and polite.

Philippines: A Quick Guide to the 3 Main Islands

So during a night before my birthday, I was quite happy (high) and decided to walk to the beach side to make myself calm and to be the first one to wish myself a Happy Birthday.  But I did the opposite, I went to the beach facing the market and shouted: ‘It’s my birthday now!’  The response that would come was totally unexpected and heart melting.  7 kids (I still remember their faces) and nearby shopkeepers sang “Happy Birthday To You” song in front of the whole market and came to hug me all together.  It was like the best birthday ever!!

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