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Georgetown: The Top 10 Attractions

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana, and as all of the capital cities – it has a lot to offer.  Check out these top 10 sights in Georgetown, you will need no more than 2 days to explore them all.

1. St. George’s Cathedral

This gorgeous cathedral is the number one famous site to see in Georgetown.  Why?  This beautiful church is made entirely out of wood and it is considered one of the tallest wooden churches in the World, measuring 43,5 meters in height.  And while you stand there admiring this pristine white church from the outside – don’t forget to take a peak inside.  As the picture on the right would confirm – it is definitely a place to explore.

2. Stabroek Market

This market is quite infamous, as this is the place where a lot of brutal things happened in the past, such as the horrific sale of African people into slavery.  In fact, when the author, John Gimlette traveled through Guyana, he was strongly advised not to go inside this market… why?  Find out from his book, “Wild Coast”, which copy you should carry with you since it provides a great depth of insight into Guyana’s recent and past history (as well as Suriname, and French Guiana).  Visit this place for it’s historic importance, then check it off your bucket list.

3. Sea Wall

If you want to know where do the locals hang out on their evenings off – this is the place.  If you come here during the night time you’ll be amazed at how much activity is going on there and how many people gather in this place.  Do visit it in the daytime to take some awesome pictures as well.

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4. Botanical Garden 

This is easily the most beautiful spot in Georgetown.  It is green, clean, quiet, and simply gorgeous.  This is the place where the local Georgetowners take pictures on their wedding days.  Come here in the early morning or in the late afternoon, grab a book, sit down under a tree and just enjoy these magical views.

5. Zoo

Adjacent to the Botanical Garden is the Georgetown’s Zoo.  This is a fun, small place, where you can see a number of exotic animals such as snakes, lions, monkeys, and even some donkeys just walking around leisurely between the enclaves.

6. Street Markets

While in Georgetown, do not miss taking a walk through its street markets where you can also buy some deliciously fresh veggies and fruits.  Besides the hectic and overcrowded Stabroek market, there are a number of random smaller street markets that you will encounter while exploring the city.  Take a slow walk through it and just enjoy the atmosphere.

7. Demerara Harbor Bridge

Hire a cheap local taxi (if you’re not renting a car) and cross the fabulous long and floating Demerara harbor bridge at least once for its magical views.  One of the coolest things that you can find on the shores of the river is hundreds of pelicans nesting around its low-laying trees.

8. City Hall

This beautiful Gothic structure that looks like a small castle was built in the 19th Century, and is now on the official UNESCO World Heritage sights’ list.  It’s a very significant historic place that you wouldn’t want to miss.

City Hall, Georgetown Guyana - Global Storybook9. Lighthouse 

This colorful, 31 meters high structure was built for very practical reasons – to guide and direct the ships coming to Georgetown from the Atlantic ocean.  Go to the top floor and you will find a 360 degree observation deck from where you can see some incredible, panoramic views of the city.

Lighthouse, Georgetown Guyana - Global Storybook10. Essequibo River

Finally, do not miss this one of a kind muddy river running through the heart of Guyana, as if almost dividing it in half.  Unfortunately Guyana is not as lucky as some of the other South and Central American and Caribbean countries in terms of having great beaches with a clear turquoise ocean or a sea.  But what it doesn’t have on the water, it makes up in the nature – once you’ll fly over some of Guyana’s territory, you will see.

Georgetown, Guyana - Global Storybook

P.S. If you’re thinking of traveling to Guyana solo and are not sure if you should – read my story – Solo Journey to Guyana, hopefully it will help you to make the right choice!

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