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Fufu Corn & Vegetables: Popular Dish From Cameroon

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Just as the name goes, Fufu corn is prepared from corn popularly known in Cameroon as maize.  Fufu corn with vegetables is one of the most delicious, traditional, Northwestern African dishes.  Its preparation is actually quite easy and requires just a few simple steps.

First, you must prepare the Fufu corn – below are the steps on how to make one.

How to Prepare the Fufu Corn:

Harvest the corn from a local farm or purchase it from a store, and let it dry out.  Grind it through a machine, to make it into a ground flour.

Boil around 5 liters of water in a cooking pot.  Pour out some of the boiling water in a separate pan, and to the remaining water gradually add 250 grams of the corn flour.  Remember to sieve the flour before adding it to the boiling water.

Stir the water and the flour using a wooden spoon, while adding the removed hot water at some regular intervals, until it is ready.  After it’s ready, tie it with a polyethylene, into a small serving size, or just put it on a plate.

It is now ready to be served with some vegetables, such as huckleberry, bitter herbs, or okra Ndolo.

Fufu corn - CameroonHow to prepare the vegetables:

If you really want to enjoy your Fufu corn dish – then you must serve it with some incredibly delicious vegetables.  So, here are a few simple steps to prepare some tasty vegetables:

Fufu corn - CameroonWash the vegetables well and boil them for 20 minutes.  Add one and a half teaspoons of oil onto a frying pan.  Add some chopped onions to the pan, and let it fry until the onions are golden-brown in color.

After the onions turn brown, add some chopped tomatoes into the same cooking pot and let them cook until all the tomatoes exude all their juice.  Then add your desired spices.

Finally, add your boiled vegetables and mix the contents properly.  Leave them to fry until they are ready.  Then place them onto the plate and serve with the Fufu corn.  Enjoy it!

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Fufu Corn & Vegetables (Cameroon) - Global Storybook

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