Berg Lake, Canada

The Most Epic Hike in Canada – Berg Lake!

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Located within the Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, Berg Lake is a sight to behold.  Its beautiful turquoise lake is dotted with icebergs all year round and the glacier groans day and night to provide a haunting like sound.

Berg Lake, Canada

Berg Lake Camp Ground

The trail to Berg Lake is a world-renowned backcountry trail and provides some of the most epic scenery in the country.  I completed the 42km round trip in June, however I would recommend going in July and August for the best weather conditions, be sure to book well in advance as campsites are limited.  At a minimum you will want to camp for 2 nights, however 3 would be ideal.  Once you arrive at Berg Lake there are a number of day hikes which leave from the area so you will want to check those out and enjoy the breathtaking views they provide of the summit and lake.

Berg Lake, Canada

Mount Robson finally peaking out of the clouds

This trail is classed as backcountry so you have to be prepared to carry all your own equipment, food and water sterilizing apparatus.  If the weather turns and it starts snowing like it did when I was there, not to fear there is a wood cabin you can warm up in, complete with fire and bench seats.  The camp grounds are very well maintained however do not have showers, but offer drop toilets.

Once you have made it to Berg Lake the next decision you will have is what day hike you should complete.  In my opinion you can’t go past the Mumm Basin Route, which will take you approximately ½ a day to complete.  Starting off on a steep alpine trail once you clear the tree line you are offered uninterrupted views of mountains, glaciers and the lake.  The best way to walk the trail is to start at Robson Pass following the trail to Toboggan Falls which will take you back to the Berg Lake camp ground via a beautiful waterfall.

The camp ground is well laid out and each site offers a good amount of privacy, you will not feel like you are squashed in or on top of someone else.  The overall feel of the camp site is very relaxed, everyone was very friendly when I visited and we all had a great time despite the 2 days of bad weather.

This was my first official backcountry hike, meaning it was the first time that I carried all my own equipment.  If I can do it, so can you.  I can honestly say that it is a once in a life time experience and it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.  If it’s not already on your bucket list be sure to add it.

Berg Lake, Canada

Hiking down the mountain

Quick Facts

Location: Mount Robson Provincial Park – British Columbia, Canada

Length: 42km round trip plus 12km day hike

Elevation: 800m gain

Camp ground facilities: Drop toilets, washbasins, grey water pits and shelter in case of inclement weather

Gear: You will need a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping matt, cooking equipment, food, water sterilizing equipment, toilet paper, water proof jacket, bear spray, hiking boots and trekking poles (these are optional but I find them to be a great help with the elevation gain).

Berg Lake, Canada

One of the two lakes you see on the way down

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