Dubai - Gilded Cage by Syed Ali

Dubai – a Home is Where the Heart is, Not

  • Book: “Dubai – Gilded Cage”
  • Author: Syed Ali
  • Publisher: Yale University Press, 2010

Dubai – the most beautiful, glamorous, and sought-after state in UAE (United Arab Emirates).  The breathtaking speed of the growth of this unique town has took almost everyone by surprise, as only thirty or so years ago it was… an empty slot of endless dessert that still surrounds Dubai today.  In this very informative book, called “Dubai – Gilded Cage”, the author, Syed Ali, goes behind the scenes of the modern day Dubai to discover what is really going there.

So what is going on in Dubai that a reader, not too familiar with this fascinating town, must find out from this book here?  Well, there are a lot of things.  Some of them include:

  • an expansive World of well-established “expatriates” that have about everything they could dream of… except the right to a UAE passport
  • a flourishing, underground business for ladies and gentlemen of “the night”, and how it is viewed by those in charge
  • an influx of foreign, low-cost construction workers that are really behind every skyscraper in town, and it is not uncommon for them to be settled in inhuman conditions, without much rights of their own (to say the least…)
  • an import of low-cost day labor, such as maids, housekeepers, and nannies, that are not treated much better than the construction workers above
  • an unwillingness, and a lack of a basic necessity for the native population (which is now a small minority) to obtain any meaningful work

And many other enlightening topics, that will be eye-opening for anyone who doesn’t know anything about Dubai, and even for those that do know.

Dubai is now a major player on the World market for tourism, business, commerce, import and export, and many other things. This book, by Syed Ali, provides an excellent overview of many issues that plague Dubai today, and is a good wake-up call to the World society as an individual unit, and as a whole.

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