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Discovering The Hidden Treasures Of Cyprus

Ana Barreto

Ana Barreto

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Ana Barreto

Hello fellow travelers!

I love archaeological parks and ancient civilizations, so when I finally went to Cyprus, visiting the Tombs of the Kings was at the top of my priorities.

tombs of the kingsOn my very first day in Paphos, I woke up early and went straight to this magical place.  The city, which is this year’s European Capital of Culture, has an immense archaeological park along its coastline.

The part of the park where the Tombs of the Kings are located, looks rather abandoned.  Nobody seems to look after the ruins, but the entrance is cheap (2.50€) and the lack of security guards gives you the feeling that you are discovering a well-kept secret.

tombs of the kingsVisitors can wander freely through the park and descend to the underground tombs to see and photograph them without being disturbed.

Early in the morning there is almost no one there, so you can have the place all to yourself.

The architecture of these structures is still quite impressive.  Some are well preserved and look more like houses than tombs, with columns, arches and porches.

Unfortunately, very few of the frescoes that adorned them survived the passage of time, but you can still find beautiful fragments here and there.

tombs of the kingsDespite it’s name, the Tombs were not built for kings but for the elite of the Hellenistic and Roman periods.  They are thought to have been used until the 4th century, possibly even by the early Christians.

tombs of the kingsLike many other places of this type, the Tombs of the Kings in Cyprus, were damaged and subject to looting, but they still maintain enough splendor and grandeur to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and delight those who visit them.

They sure didn’t disappoint me! 😊

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about this place as much as I enjoyed discovering it!

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