Arthurs Seat EdinurghHi there! My name is Dante Scarano, I am a 24 year old explorer that enjoys the little things in life – like writing and photography, just to name a few. I grew up in a sleepy little town on the coastline in Connecticut in the United States; this suburban hell is what pushed me to find out more about the world. I recently received my degree in History, which further drove me to go and explore more about the histories and cultures that fill this World.

Mekong River, Laos

Mekong River Laos

  • Name:  Dante Scarano
  • Age Group:  21-25
  • Country: USA
  • Hometown:  Connecticut

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When I’m not on the road eating from any and every food stall, I work at a seafood restaurant as a cook where I daydream about traveling everyday. (Don’t worry I don’t burn the food!) Usually in the Summer, on my off days I longboard around my town, and in the Winter I snowboard. Two hobbies that I would very much like to incorporate into my travels someday.

Siem Reap, CambodiaFrom a young age I was exposed to flying, something so un-natural for us, human beings, it still totally freaks me out. A lot of people would ask me: “How can you love to travel and yet be so afraid of flying?”. The answer I think is obvious, while it’s true that flying does turn me into a nervous wreck, there is some otherworldly desire that I have to travel. Whether it is the goofy adventures I seem to get myself into, traditions to learn about, or culture to experience first-hand, I think that is enough fuel for me to overcome the initial fear of flying.

My first trip out of the country was to the land of Japan. A culture and language so vastly different than mine, it would make any New Englander’s head spin. I was definitely thrown into the deep end, up to my eyes in not having a clue what to say, or do. Through countless days of jetlag, using my pointer finger to order food, I emerged as a hardy traveler ready to take on the world. I think it is this unknown that keeps drawing me back into traveling through countries vastly more different than my own.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland