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How To Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in New Zealand

Bert Walston

Bert Walston

Bert Walston is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (New Zealand).

Bert was born in Albany and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She loves to travel to different corners of her own country and share stories with the readers. She is mainly interested in culture and the natural attractions of New Zealand. Bert is looking forward to exploring more things and sharing them here.
Bert Walston

Since New Zealand lies in the southern hemisphere, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in the Summer season here.  This is also the time when the country hosts numerous festivals, including but not limited to Rhythm and Vines, which is held in Gisborne.  This is perhaps the biggest festival and it’s very unique, since Gisborne happens to be the first city in the World to celebrate the New Year!  Its sibling Rhythm and Alps, takes place in the beautiful mountain region of the Cardona Valley.

We, New Zealanders, take our New Year’s Eve celebrations very seriously.  After all, we have the honor to be among the first to usher in the New Year!  And since the New Year here happens in Summer, the celebrations are quite different from the rest of the World.  Here is a brief look at how we celebrate the New Year’s Eve in New Zealand.


This is the city that has the largest population among all other cities in the country.  Thus, expect a very vibrant atmosphere.  The fireworks’ display will be nothing short of truly spectacular, especially when viewed from the Sky Tower.  Please note, another great way to view these fireworks would be by getting into the water.

Alternatively, why not do a pub crawl through the countless bars and nightclubs in Auckland?  There is also a hippy camping festival, which is located in a place called Aum, just a short hour drive to the north of Auckland.

And while in Auckland, be sure to check out the Silo Park where a great New Year’s Eve festival takes place in the Wondergarden.  This truly awe-inspiring waterfront hosts plenty of street food stands, where you can gorge till your stomach hurts.  There is also live music.

NYE in Auckland, New Zealand - Global Storybook

New Year’s Eve Firework Celebrations in Auckland. Photo: Shaun Jeffers/


Wellington, being the capital city of New Zealand, has a very unique way of ushering in the New Year.  There are numerous concerts and bands that will entertain you.  One in particular, is a free event called Whairepo Lagoon, where the music is so loud and enervating that you can’t help but tap your feet in delight.

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The fireworks begin as early as nine in the evening and continue till 12 am.  Cuba Street along with Courtney Place, are some other great places to party and usher in the New Year.

NYE's in Wellington, New Zealand - Global Storybook

NYE’s celebrations in Wellington

Otehei Bay

One of the most exciting ways to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in New Zealand, is by boarding a boat from Paihia while taking a scenic cruise to Otehei Bay, on Urupukapuka Island.  Your roundtrip ticket includes an entry to the Otehei Bay New Year’s Eve celebrations, as well as a buffet dinner.  Bands like Fifth Element and DJ Josh Leys will be entertaining guests on this magical island.


If you are in Christchurch, then be sure to celebrate the New Year’s Eve at Hagley Park, where live music and fireworks and a bizarre ARCH WIZARD of Canterbury show, will cast a spell on you.  The celebrations normally begin at nine in the evening and last well into the wee hours of the morning.


Queenstown is the party capital of New Zealand.  Hence, the New Year’s Eve celebrations are truly amusing and awe inspiring here.  Most of the fun celebrations will take place around the lakefront.  The city usually hosts a number of lively music events plus its own spectacular fireworks.

Also, the Earnslaw Park is a great place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve at.  Celebrations normally start at half past seven in the evening, and last until at least one in the morning.

In addition, for those who are planning on celebrating the New Year’s Eve on the South Island – there are some truly awesome ways to ring in the New Year.  In particular, be sure to check out the Big Mountains and the wonderful lakes.   There is also a two-day camping festival set in the beautiful and picturesque scenery of Cadorna Lake.  Numerous great bands like Six60, the Upbeats, as well as Dub FX are scheduled to perform there.

NYE in Queenstown, New Zealand - Global Storybook

NYE’s fireworks in Queenstown

Northern Bass

In the northland of New Zealand, there is a three-day camping festival which celebrates everything related to bass.  It usually attracts some of the best and biggest bands from New Zealand.  It takes about an hour to drive down to the festival’s site.  You can enjoy ushering in the New Year here at the sandy beach lagoon or on a volleyball court.  Among the bands that will be performing in 2017 are names like Andy C, Shapeshifter, Ladi 6 and Tiki Taane.

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is going to host a gigantic night of celebrations on the New Year’s Eve.  Some of the best bands in the world will be performing here, including UB40 and Kora, as well as Ali Astro.  Be sure to head down to the Riverside Park and Unison Amphitheater, Redoubt Street, in Taupo.  Celebrations begin at four in the evening and continue for as long as you can stay awake.

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Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is one of the more exciting places in New Zealand to celebrate the New Year’s Eve.  The location is nothing short of spectacular and it’s a great place to ring in the New Year.  In particular, be sure to check out the Stonyridge Vineyard were celebrations begin as early as two in the afternoon and continue for the next twelve hours.  To reach Waiheke Island you can take a ferry or you can take a bus from Auckland.


The truly beautiful and inspiring beach at Whangamata is a great place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve.  The price of admission is very affordable.  In fact, the Wave Front is an event that even backpackers can afford to attend.  At the beach, live acts make the celebrations even more remarkable.  There will be some other celebrations there, which will make your New Year’s Eve truly special and different.

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