Mont Saint-Michel cover

How To Visit Mont Saint-Michel From Paris (On a Budget)

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most popular sights in France, attracting close to 3 million visitors each year - it is one of the most unique, picturesque destinations in the World.  Surrounded by endless fields of green (or orange, or ... Read More
Seychelles - exploring Mahe on a budget

Planning My Trip to the Seychelles: Exploring Mahé on a Budget

In this installment about my trip to the Seychelles, I will share with you my recommendations about different tour operators, how to get around the island of Mahé, while saving a ton of money, and other useful things.  But first ... Read More
Switzerland on a budget

Switzerland on a Budget: 10 Things You Need to Know

If you're dreaming of traveling to Switzerland, and its pricey reputation is the only thing that's keeping you - then this article is for you. Switzerland didn't earn its famous reputation from nothing - it is one of the most expensive countries in the ... Read More
Iceland on a Budget: 7 Main Tips

Visit Iceland on a Budget: 7 Main Tips

It is been a well-known fact that Iceland is one of the most expensive destinations in the World.  You cannot simply dismiss this knowledge with the usual: "Oh, I'll just eat out of the grocery shops then, I don't really ... Read More
Easter Island on a budget

How to Visit Easter Island on a Budget

There are many reasons to visit Easter Island (Isla de Pascua - from Spanish), which is one of the most beautiful and remotely located islands on Earth. One of them, is to obviously see the World-famous Moai statues, which have been carved ... Read More