The 7 Smallest Countries to Visit in Europe - Global Storybook

The 7 Smallest Countries to Visit in Europe

They may be lacking in size, but even the most surprising places are overflowing with natural attractions, unique experiences and some very exciting things to do.  From majestic mountains and stunning coastlines, to the enchanting castles and world-class eateries - ... Read More
Tokyo, Japan - Global Storybook

11 Destinations in Asia That Everyone Should Visit in Their 30s

Thanks to the globalization, we’re getting closer and closer to the countries that are further away from our homelands.  For instance, for the citizens of U.S., Canada, and Europe - the continent of Asia is becoming more and more accessible ... Read More
Mont Saint-Michel cover

How To Visit Mont Saint-Michel From Paris (On a Budget)

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most popular sights in France, attracting close to 3 million visitors each year - it is one of the most unique, picturesque destinations in the World.  Surrounded by endless fields of green (or orange, or ... Read More
Seychelles - exploring Mahe on a budget

Planning My Trip to the Seychelles: Exploring Mahé on a Budget

In this installment about my trip to the Seychelles, I will share with you my recommendations about different tour operators, how to get around the island of Mahé, while saving a ton of money, and other useful things.  But first ... Read More
What To Pack to the Arctic Circle

What to Pack For the Arctic Circle

A few months ago, as my very first trip to the Arctic Circle in the Finnish Lapland was drawing closer, I slowly began panicking.  What do I pack for the Arctic Circle?  A sweater? (Yes).  A pair of jeans? (No).  A ... Read More
Switzerland on a budget

Switzerland on a Budget: 10 Things You Need to Know

If you're dreaming of traveling to Switzerland, and its pricey reputation is the only thing that's keeping you - then this article is for you. Switzerland didn't earn its famous reputation from nothing - it is one of the most expensive countries in the ... Read More
Perfect Trip

5 Things To Do When Planning A Perfect Trip

I love traveling but most of all I love planning the perfect trip!  Unless you buy an “all inclusive” package, where everything is already included and planned by someone else, or maybe you decide to leave everything and go with the flow, ... Read More
Iceland on a Budget: 7 Main Tips

Visit Iceland on a Budget: 7 Main Tips

It is been a well-known fact that Iceland is one of the most expensive destinations in the World.  You cannot simply dismiss this knowledge with the usual: "Oh, I'll just eat out of the grocery shops then, I don't really ... Read More
9 most cliche travel quotes

9 Most Cliche Travel Quotes

Have you ever caught yourself rolling your eyes in the "NOT AGAIN" tone while looking at someone's Instagram account that has one of THOSE quotes?  If yes - welcome to the club!  Below we compiled a list of the most cliche travel quotes that are often ... Read More
Easter Island on a budget

How to Visit Easter Island on a Budget

There are many reasons to visit Easter Island (Isla de Pascua - from Spanish), which is one of the most beautiful and remotely located islands on Earth. One of them, is to obviously see the World-famous Moai statues, which have been carved ... Read More
Pack Like a Pro: Top 10 Travel Packing Tips

Pack Like a Pro: Top 10 Travel Packing Tips

Have you ever got charged for an overweight suitcase? Discovered a disastrous liquid leak inside your baggage upon arrival to your destination? We’ve all suffered from these kinds of luggage nightmares that could have been easily avoided by following a few basic ... Read More
Solo Travel For Newbies: Key Things You Need Know Before Booking Your First Solo Trip

Solo Travel For Newbies: Key Things You Need Know Before Booking Your First Solo Trip

Traveling solo for the very first time is always an exhilarating and a somewhat scary experience.  It is scary because you are trying something new, something unknown, and for the very first time you are doing it entirely on your own. This ... Read More
Pickpocketing in Europe

Pickpocketing in Europe: 5 Things You Need to Know

I still remember this day like it was only yesterday...  My first big trip to Europe - arriving to Madrid on a Friday night, eager to see the city with its beautiful architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and colorful local living. On the ... Read More