Vinegret - Traditional Russian Beetroot Salad - Global Storybook

Vinegret – Traditional Russian Beetroot Salad

This delicious salad is a staple dish in Russia.  The name comes from a French word vinaigre meaning vinegar.  The Russian salad vinegret, however, is mainly made out of chilled boiled vegetables and pickles.  Some believe that an early 1920's version included ... Read More
Herring Under a Fur Coat, traditional Russian recipe salad - Global Storybook

“Herring Under the Fur Coat” (“Seledka Pod Shyboi”) Salad

When translated literally - this salad definitely sounds... funny.  "Herring Under the Fur Coat" or "Seledka Pod Shyboi" is also commonly known simply as "Shuba" or "Fur Coat" in Russia.  It got its name for its multilayered toppings made of ... Read More
Traditional Russian Salad Olivie recipe - Global Storybook

“Olivie” – The Most Famous Russian Salad

Olivie is a very popular national salad served on virtually all the traditional Russian holidays, like the New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Easter, as well as numerous other festive celebrations, like birthdays and weddings.  It's definitely something I would personally ... Read More