Dracula Castle on Halloween, Romania - Global Storybook

Dracula’s Castle on Halloween

When you hear the word 'Romania', the first thing that you probably think about is of a miraculous, mysterious, grandiose castle?  I'm sure you are.  I won't be wrong saying that you're thinking of the Bran Castle – or the ... Read More
5 Most Popular Romanian Superstitions - Global Storybook

5 Most Popular Romanian Superstitions

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The Romanian superstitions emerged many centuries ago, and came to us from our ancestors.  It was in this way that our forebears tried to explain all the bizarre and strange happenings that took place around them.  When science was not yet ... Read More
Zacusca, Romania

Zacuscă – a Romanian Winter Delicacy

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In Romania, Zacusca is one of the most popular winter-preparation traditions, because you can store it in jars and they will feed you until the arrival of spring.  It is made from different vegetables, but the most famous of them ... Read More