Top 5 Otherworldly Superstitions in the Philippines - Global Storybook

5 Most Common Superstitions in the Philippines

Many Filipinos, especially the more traditional ones, tend to lean towards superstitious beliefs.  Despite the absence of any sound scientific basis, young adults choose to cling to these superstitions as well, to avoid arguments with their elders.  The elders would ... Read More
Simbang Gabi- A Time-Honored Filipino Tradition - Global Storybook

Simbang Gabi: A Time-Honored Christmas Tradition

Pinoys are a people of tradition.  Come the 16th of December, when the clock strikes 3am - they wake up, dress up, and go to church.  They’ll attend a mass that day, return home, and do the same thing tomorrow… ... Read More
7 Scary Creatures in the Philippines - Global Storybook

7 Scary Creatures in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the door to a plethora of myths regarding scary creatures is always ajar.  Amongst the eeriness that many horror films proudly present there are numerous haunting tales – some are brainchildren of the imaginative minds, while others ... Read More