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7 Scary Creatures in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, the door to a plethora of myths regarding scary creatures is always ajar.  Amongst the eeriness that many horror films proudly present there are numerous haunting tales – some are brainchildren of the imaginative minds, while others ... Read More
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Sipaway Island: A Glimpse of a Hidden Paradise in the Philippines

For years, I've been thinking that these two places named “Sipaway” and “Sipalay” (a popular destination where I came from) are one and the same.  Well, earlier this year I found out, from a firsthand experience, that they’re actually... not.  That was when ... Read More
El Nido

El Nido, Palawan – Welcome to Paradise!

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"Welcome to paradise!" This is what they tell you when you arrive at El Nido, and boy, are they right! Words can't describe and even photos can't do justice to this amazing place, but I'm going to try it just ... Read More
Olango Island

It’s More Fun In The Philippines

The Philippines...  A dream destination with it's many magical islands full of white sand, palm trees and crystal clear water.  It's not hard to guess why this tropical paradise made our list!  Arriving in the capital city of Manila was ... Read More
Intramuros Map

Manila Layover – What To See in a Short Time

If you go to Philippines you cannot avoid to spend at least one day in Manila, its capital. First of all let me say that, arriving from Europe (I took a plane from Italy - Bologna International Airport), you will ... Read More
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Gift Yourself a Trip On Your Birthday!

A week before my birthday, I decided to use my 3 months savings (and the only savings) to gift myself a birthday trip to Boracay island (one of the hottest destinations since 70's) in the Philippines.  I was at my ... Read More