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30 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Petra

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Officially, there are only seven wonders of the World, and the magnificent "Lost City" of Petra is proudly one of them.  It got its nickname due to actually being "lost" to civilization for many centuries, until it was re-discovered again in 1800's. Located ... Read More

My Amazing Trip to the Lost City of Petra

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I think the first time I saw an image of Petra was in the "Last Crusade", a film from the Indiana Jones trilogy - the scenery just blew me away!  And ever since then I wanted to go there. It ... Read More
Live From Jordan by Benjamin Orbach

A Love Letter to Jordan – From an American Jew

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Book: “Live From Jordan” Author: Benjamin Orbach Publisher: AMACOM - American Management Association, 2007 "Live From Jordan" is a personal recollection story of a young man who traveled, lived and studied Arabic in Jordan. What's so special about that, you might ask?  Well, this ... Read More