Verona: The Top 10 Attractions - Global Storybook

Verona: The Top 10 Attractions

Popularly known as “the city of love”, Verona is one of the most romantic destinations on the Planet.  Though it could also serve as a good family trip since Verona is a pretty flat town.  All of its attractions are ... Read More
Italian Christmas Markets

A Quick Guide To The Italian Christmas Markets

It is nearly the time…  It is nearly the Christmas time...  But most importantly - it is nearly the time for visiting the Italian Christmas Markets! During this special time - all cities are getting “dressed up” with a lot of ... Read More

One Day In The Chianti: 5 Things To Do To Enjoy It!

If you are in Florence you cannot miss the opportunity to spend at least one day in the Chianti countryside. I will tell you here the 5 things to do to enjoy it at it's best! The Chianti area in Tuscany extends over ... Read More
5 Best Panoramic Locations in Florence

The 5 Best Panoramic Locations in Florence

If you're heading to Florence and are wondering about the best panoramic views in the city - this article is for you.  We will not only tell you where they are, we will also show you how to visit them in ... Read More
Crime and Naples, Italy

Crime, Tourism, and the City of Naples

When I booked my ticket to Naples, I didn’t know of its terrible reputation being one of the most criminal cities in Italy, and in Europe.  From what I remembered reading about the South of Italy earlier was the general antipathy ... Read More
Milan, Italy

A Different Day in Milan: Advice From a Local

When you think or hear about Milan, you immediately associate it with the Duomo, the Sforzesco castle and the "quadrilatero della moda" - symbols that for sure had helped this city to make it recognizable all around the World.  But, let ... Read More