Dublin (Ireland): The top 20 attractions - Global Storybook

Dublin: The Top 20 Attractions

One of the most popular cities in Europe, Dublin is a metropolis which has more than enough charm and personality to match the variety of attractions in the capital city of Ireland.  Green and luscious, Dublin's parks offer an easy ... Read More
10 Unusual Things to Do in Dublin - Global Storybook

10 Unusual Things to Do in Dublin

When you come to Dublin, it is so easy to settle for doing the most typical touristy things, like going to the Temple Bar, sipping a pint of Guinness and buying a leprechaun hat.  However, Dublin has much more to ... Read More
10 Dublin Festivals to Visit in 2018 - Global Storybook

10 Dublin Festivals to Visit in 2018

Dublin is a great city to visit in its own right, whether it's on a weekend getaway or for a longer trip - there's plenty of things to see and do.  However there's a number of great festivals across the ... Read More
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Cultural Activities in Dublin this Autumn & Winter (2017)

With the Dublin's Theatre festival well underway and running until October 15th, it might be too late for many of you to get to some of the screenings at this fine event.  However it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty ... Read More
Sports in Ireland

5 Sports in Ireland to Enjoy During Fall and Winter

Ireland has a long and varied sporting tradition with widespread success at international level, and also with its own unique games and sports.  So if you are visiting Ireland over the Autumn or early Winter, there will be plenty of ... Read More