Road trip through Iceland

Into the Land of Fire and Ice: A Road Trip in Iceland

Iceland, with its majestic and raw beauty, is a hot destination for many travelers.  Low number of the population along, with its northern border - on the doorstep of the Arctic Circle, turns Iceland into an unknown frontier of an unexplored country ... Read More
Reykjavik Street Art

Inside the Heart Park: The Gallery Reykjavik Once Had

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The year was 2008, Iceland was plunged into bankruptcy by it's major banks (sound familiar?) creating the largest economic depression in history.  Major businesses pulled away from the island nation, and the thoughts of entering the Eurozone quickly faded to ... Read More
Blue Lagoon

Fire and Ice – Visiting Blue Lagoon in the Wintertime

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The Blue Lagoon is probably the most popular destination in Iceland.  I think everyone who visits this Northern European country takes a trip to this place and as far as I'm concern, it's well worth it! The scenery is particularly ... Read More
Reykjavik: Top 10 Sights - Global Storybook

Reykjavík: Top 10 Sights

Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland, is also the biggest city on the island, and is located on a 45-minute drive from Keflavík International Airport.  Home to about 120,000 people, Reykjavík has a number of interesting and exhilarating things to offer a ... Read More
Iceland on a Budget: 7 Main Tips

Visit Iceland on a Budget: 7 Main Tips

It is been a well-known fact that Iceland is one of the most expensive destinations in the World.  You cannot simply dismiss this knowledge with the usual: "Oh, I'll just eat out of the grocery shops then, I don't really ... Read More

11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went To Iceland

Ever since I lay my eyes on that magical image of the Blue Lagoon for the very first time - I always wanted to go to Iceland.  And thanks to Icelandair, with their very competitive airfares (especially if booking in advance) that dream ... Read More
Icelandic Folk Tales by Jon R. Hjalmarsson

Icelandic Folk Tales

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Book:  “A Traveller's Guide to Icelandic Folk Tales” Author:  Jón R. Hjálmarsson Publisher:  Forlagid, 2016 What comes to mind when you think of Iceland?  Is it the picture perfect, supremely exciting Blue Lagoon?  Is it the magnificent and potentially destructive volcanoes, capable of ... Read More