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Athens’s Bucket List: 20 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are going to live up to your myth of Greece, you will probably want to visit Athens.  Our capital city is a mixture of ancient culture, important historic ruins, and of course modernism.  Economic crisis and tough political ... Read More
The Greek Salad - Global Storybook

The Classic Greek Salad

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The Greek Salad is an integral dish of the Greek cuisine, and it also one of the its most famous.  Particularly during the Summer months, it appears that almost anywhere in Greece you can find and enjoy one!  The basic ... Read More
Top 10 Destinations in Greece - Global Storybook

The Top 10 Destinations in Greece

Greece, a small country in the Mediterranean region - is full of surprises.  The country, which combines together ancient history and arts, pleasure and entertainment, delicious local cuisine with some of the World's best beaches - will certainly fulfill every ... Read More
Mykonos, Greece

Exploring Mykonos: Things To See and To Do

Mykonos is a tiny island where the sun shines 300 days a year.  The island is Worldwide famous for its amazing beaches, clubs and windmills.  But for me - it’s a place to remember! I got lost in Mykonos town, ate ... Read More
Santorini, Greece

Santorini – or What’s Your Idea of a Perfect Destination?

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If there is one single place that is virtually on everyone's bucket list - it's definitely Santorini, a gorgeous island in Greece that belongs to its so-called "Cyclades" family of related islands.  Santorini is extraordinarily picturesque, it is a true open ... Read More
Postcards from Athens

Postcards from Athens

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This week I had the chance to spend a few days in Athens, the capital of Greece.  Although the trip was work related - my company sent me to attend to a conference - it wouldn't be me if I wouldn't try to ... Read More