Versailles, Paris

Bonjour, or How I Fell in Love With Paris, on a… Third Sight

The first time I came to Paris was in 2009.  I was quite short on money, working part-time at a dead-end job, while pursuing my Bachelor's diploma.  I haven't traveled much until then, mostly due to the lack of funds, though I ... Read More
Love, Rome

What Is Love?

As an Editor-in-Chief of Global Storybook I have the great benefit of having my own column, where I can yap about nada. Or about things that matter to me.  And this week I want to share my latest thoughts on ... Read More

How I Got Admitted To The Top School (Plus My Application Essay)

Last week I've made an exciting announcement that I was accepted into the school of my dreams - New York University (NYU), in just one week.  And since some of you might be applying to your own schools soon, I wanted to ... Read More

Best News Ever! I Just Got… Today

Some news are life-changing, well - this is certainly it for me.  I just got my acceptance letter to the school of my dreams!  Yep.  And to think of it - I only applied to it slightly over a week ago.  On ... Read More
Daria Silter - Global Storybook

Wait, I Am Married, So Why Am I Still Traveling Solo?

A few years ago I found myself in the midst of building my professional career in healthcare, celebrating my latest promotion.  I just stared working for this large nonprofit and everything was going right.  I worked my way up from an entry, ... Read More
Evolution of Global Storybook

The Evolution of Global Storybook’s Logo and Website

Hi guys!  I want to take you with me, for a quick second back in time, to that very moment when Global Storybook was just a vague idea, and show you how everything that you see on this site, came to be. Building the ... Read More
Daria Silter's Office

Welcome to My Office – Global Storybook’s First HQ!

Hello World! I have recently created and posted a video on my Facebook wall about this "little" office space that I have, and from where I do all my work (whenever I am in New York, that is).  I decided ... Read More