Nicosia - The Last Divided Capital City in the World

Nicosia – The Last Divided Capital City in the World

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Numerous barrels and a barb-wire separate the South from the North Cyprus.  On one side you have the Greek Cypriots and on the other the Turkish Cypriots.  In between there is a buffer zone, an area that looks like a ... Read More
Lefkara Village - Global Storybook

The Village of Lefkara: Traveling Back In Time

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Have you ever heard of a picturesque village named Lefkara?  It is famous for its beauty, its uniquely preserved architecture, the ancient Cypriot legends and traditions, as well as its amazing embroidery.  You can easily say that Lefkara is located ... Read More
tombs of the kings

Discovering The Hidden Treasures Of Cyprus

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Hello fellow travelers! I love archaeological parks and ancient civilizations, so when I finally went to Cyprus, visiting the Tombs of the Kings was at the top of my priorities. On my very first day in Paphos, I woke up ... Read More