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7 Fairytale Places to Visit in Croatia During Winter

Winter is here, and I am very excited to remind you of all the wonderful places that you can visit in Croatia.  If you love snow, snowy landscapes, and fun winter activities, then this article is for you.  Among the ... Read More
Plitvice Lakes National Park: A Quick Hiking Guide

Plitvice Lakes National Park: A Quick Hiking Guide

The Plitvice Lakes National Park extends for over 296 square kilometers, through the Ličko-Senjska and Karlovac counties.  The park mostly consists of forested mountains, 16 lakes which take over 200 square kilometers, plus grasslands.  It’s Croatia’s largest and oldest national park - ... Read More
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Zagreb: The Top 10 Attractions

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, as well as its cultural, scientific, economic, and administrative center.  Its first written record dates back to 1094, when Zagreb was standing on two hills called "Kaptol" and "Gradec", which later formed into ... Read More
Why Should You Visit Advent in Zagreb?

Why Should You Visit Advent in Zagreb?

Last year's Advent in Zagreb was selected as one of the top European Christmas fairs.  We're expecting it to be just as crowded again this year.  The award is well deserved though, as this fun event is simply spectacular.  So ... Read More
Croatia - The Top 10 General Attractions - Global Storybook

Croatia: The Top 10 General Attractions

Despite Croatia's seemingly small size - it has a lot to offer.  A number of cities in Croatia have a long and fascinating history, full of ancient traditions that date back to the Roman times.  Stunning, unspoiled nature, more than ... Read More