Bogota Tradition Drink Cheese and Hot Chocolate

Santafereño Chocolate With Cheese – Bogotá’s Treat

Santafereño chocolate with cheese is a recipe from the Cundinamarca region of Colombia, more specifically - from Bogotá.  This delicious hot chocolate is an essential part of our breakfast routine, and it's a favorite snack of nearly all families in ... Read More
arroz con pollo recipe

Arroz con Pollo (Classic Colombian Style)

Name: Deivis Ramirez-Gonzalez Hometown: Huila, Colombia Recipe's Ingredients: half a chicken breast 1 tomato 1 paprika 1 cup green peas and carrot diced 2 cups of rice 2 stalks onion branch 3 tablespoons garlic powder 3 tablespoons powdered food color 2 cups ... Read More
Ceviche de Camarón recipe

Ceviche de Camarón “Costa Pacífica” (Shrimp Ceviche)

Name: Deivis Ramirez-Gonzalez Age Group: 31-35 Hometown: Huila, Colombia Recipe's Ingredients: red or white round onion (cebolla cabezona roja o blanca) garlic (ajo) cilantro (cilantro) lemon juice (sumo de limón) ketchup (salsa de Tomate) salt (sal) chili (ají) - optional Recipe's Instructions: Chop the onion, ... Read More